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What You Would Not Do If You Go Back To The Past According To Your Sign

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They say happiness requires letting go, we can’t hold on to a past that no longer exists. As much as we want everything to go back to the way it was before, there are things that will no longer change and resignation is the first step to turning the page once and for all. It’s hard to let go, but in the end, you’ve left with great lessons and maybe some wound that will teach you not to allow anyone to hurt you again. However, there is always something that you would not do again, if you were given the opportunity to return to that precise moment, you would surely take another path. Here’s what you wouldn’t do if you went back in time based on your sign:

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To be honest, Aries does not intend to wear himself out emotionally due to issues of the past, at the time he suffered too much to still be the one to remove the wound himself. It is not something in particular that he regrets, because he knows that everything happens for something, and even the times that he has experienced the worst pain, he understood that something better always comes. However, if he went back to the past, perhaps he would lower two lines to his impulsive side, the one that he did not think before acting, and that when he mixed with his pride, the tension was more than visible. There were times when that helped him, but others when he ended up hurting people through no fault of his own.

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The thing with Taurus is that they are used to following a guideline and getting the desired results. He really is one of the most meticulous signs of the zodiac and when he proposes something there is no one who makes him change his mind. It is the stubborn part of him that is related to the past, that is, he is not one of those who sticks with an ex or a betrayal. She cries for these kinds of things at the time, then she removes those people from her life and finally shelves the subject, it is never brought up again. But… what is difficult for him to let go of is a mistake, admitting that he invested a lot of time in a project in which he trusted and that he did not achieve the success he dreamed of, makes his head suffer, but it is for lapses, in the end, he lets go.

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One more tiger stripe won’t make a difference. Geminis have gone through so many ups and downs in life that they no longer plan to wear themselves out for issues of the past. There are moments when he analyzes his walk and he wishes he had acted differently in certain situations, but he doesn’t get hooked on that either. It is a sign that in the end, he knows that he was carried away by his emotions and that is braver than hiding what he feels. What does bother him is having opened the doors of his heart to people who were not worth it, who perhaps from the beginning gave signs that they would not be loyal, but because of this desire that Geminis have to find the good side of everyone, they decided not to see it. Fortunately, now that does not happen again.

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It is not easy being Cancer and walking through life, especially on an emotional level. Somehow, you have to accept that your feelings will always be too much for the other. It does not matter if it is your positive or negative side that is present, in the end, people judge. And it is that you do not know that of half relationships, you truly give yourself and with the aim of building something lasting, but… the bad thing is when you give and give, without receiving anything in return. Undoubtedly, there are people who, if they were to appear on the path of Cancer again, would not speak to them even as a joke, because he no longer plans to put themselves at risk. Cancer tends to remember those moments when he had to hide to cry for someone who did not reciprocate in the way he expected. That’s when he regrets having given everything to someone he doesn’t even know what empathy is. He doesn’t hold grudges, he just wishes he could have loved a little more.

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Leo now knows that he cannot shape the past, but he can take care of his actions to have a good future. At the time he regrets having ignored people who really wanted to do good in his life. Sometimes, by focusing on his own, he seemed a bit selfish and didn’t let himself be helped. This need to show that he can always be alone has led him to experience hard times that he doesn’t talk about with anyone. Now, he knows that it’s okay not to be able to take it anymore and that pausing is necessary to keep moving forward. However, if Leo went back to the past he would be more understanding with himself, he would no longer demand until the tears were present. Perhaps he would be less stubborn when it comes to listening to advice from those who always wanted to see him succeed.

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The worst thing someone can do is remember the past of something that no longer has a future. When your head plays a trick on you and takes you to those moments, all it wants is for you to get lost in a lot of thoughts and guilt, so that you finally ignore all the beautiful things that the present is giving you. Virgo is not one of those who hook up with someone, but it is enough to take a look back to talk about himself. What he regrets is not loving himself enough, understanding that his self-esteem was more important than anything and that he should have loved himself a little more. He knows that he can’t do much anymore, but now he doesn’t let his guard down, his own love comes first, and whoever doesn’t understand it can leave.

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It was, it was, it happened, end. Libra is the sign that has the courage to start a bad chapter in your life, even with pain in your soul and tears flowing. He is not someone who is going over and over a matter, but there are times when memories visit his memory and he can feel a bit restless. That’s when disappointment sets in, he feels he shared too much with people who didn’t even deserve a greeting from him. He returns and looks lost between four walls crying silently as if it had been his fault that someone didn’t appreciate everything he had to give. Libra likes to embrace that version of himself in which he was too naive and learned that from time to time you have to show the worst face so they don’t break you.

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Scorpio prefers to apply that to the past, stepped on, and the present head-on. After so many disappointments, injuries that he did not ask for, and betrayals, the truth is that he does not have time to return to live such hard moments. It’s not that he evades it, it’s just that he doesn’t want to embitter his present with something that no longer has a solution. Scorpio knows that he has made strong mistakes, like everyone else, but that’s why he works very hard every day. He wants to be the best version of himself, he doesn’t want to be tripping over the same stones again, let alone the ones that broke him at the time. Now, he looks up, he focuses on what he can change and he is not going to allow anyone to humiliate him as they did in the past. He knows that no matter how much the memories invade him, they no longer have anything to say to him.

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If there is something that Sagittarius has in his favor, it is that he is very attached to his ideas, the moment he decides that he is not going to think about something anymore, he complies with it. It really is one of the zodiac signs that can control his mind the most. Hence, it is very rare for him to become intense with a matter of the past. The only thing he comes to regret is not having been enough with people he loved, because by walking in his own world and exploring every corner, he perhaps forgot moments that no longer come back. That’s when he understands that he is very fickle and that stability doesn’t hurt anyone. Sagittarius hates ties, but he begins to realize that committing to something is not so bad, he deserves that relief too.

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He tries, Capricorn really tries not to focus on the productive, that is, he would like to forget about everything from time to time and simply find a relaxing moment during the day. That’s what makes his mind dive into the past because he regrets what he didn’t do at work. Somehow, he feels that if he had been more thorough, his thoughts would have led him to a better place. However, he knows that it is not possible, that at that moment his level of consciousness was the necessary one and that now it is in his hands to see things from a different perspective. When he analyzes it, tranquility returns.

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Normally, when Aquarius gives himself up in relationships, call it friendship, a partner or with a family member, he really puts up barriers, he doesn’t let anyone knock on his door, much less when it comes to showing his vulnerable side. That is why when he decides to go back to the past, he feels a little frustrated because he can’t understand how he gave himself to someone who didn’t deserve his love, caress, and care from him. Suddenly, he remembers the many times in which he wore himself out in order to steal a smile from the person, but in the end, he got nothing, only to sink deeper into his sadness. He has already learned his lesson and prefers to be the one who puts up obstacles before letting himself be carried away by the first one.

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Pisces, the one who gives, the one who helps, the one who is always there to move a piece out of place, but who moves theirs? With the passage of time, he has learned to set limits and to differentiate love from solving. The fact that he is not an unconditional person all the time does not mean that he loves his family less. When he returns to the past and remembers the many times he was mercilessly broken, he sinks. Because he regrets not putting his mental health above all else. Pisces has had a hard time understanding that as long as he is not well, it is impossible for him to help others. If he does he just breaks double. Enough, he no longer wants to be that Pisces of the past, he knows that he has much more to give. And remembering those moments again is like a warning of what he should not allow.

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