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5 Zodiac Couples That Can’t Let Go Of One Another

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Leo + Aquarius 

When it comes to this connection, both signs are fixed — which means that they are almost always averse to compromise. Sometimes, the Leo partner can be a handful for the airy Aquarian, who often comes off as too erratic and flighty for the Lion. Though this pairing is beautiful, if both partners don’t take the time to honor and build out their own individual worlds, they  may be forced to walk away from one another.

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However, letting go of this kind of connection is often extremely difficult. Despite being opposite signs, a Leo and an Aquarius will always gravitate towards one another. When they are together, even the most mundane of experiences has an excitement to it. There is a constant undercurrent of energy between these two souls, and they feel almost unstoppable when they are in the presence of the other. The Aquarian will always be drawn to the lion’s light, and the Leo will always be enamored with the Aquarians independence. The rarity and balance that is fostered in this kind of connection makes it difficult for either partner to move forward, and they often find their way back to one another, time and time again.

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Gemini + Sagittarius 

When a Gemini and a Sagittarius fall in love, sparks tend to fly. However, both partners in this connection often have a lot of work to do within their own emotional stabilities, because both signs err on the side of secrecy and distance. Self preservation can therefore lead to the unraveling of this relationship because it has a tendency to make both signs less emotionally sensitive to the needs of the other. If the connection spans a long length of time, there is also the issue of these two signs getting bored with one another. Comfort can sometimes feel like a trap for these two, and it can be difficult to unlearn that, no matter how deeply they feel for one another.

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However, these two signs are so mentally and physically connected to one another, that they almost feel tied together with an invisible string. No other connection for the Twins or the Archer is as emotionally charged, and despite their inability to sometimes see outside of themselves, once they learn how to do so, their sensitivities spill out of them and tether them into an even deeper partnership. Both signs in this relationship feel as if they have met a spontaneous counterpart, and when things are good, it can feel like they are growing in a deeply passionate and powerful way. Letting that go, even for two of the most uninhibited signs, is close to impossible.

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Taurus + Cancer

The love connection between a Taurus and a Cancer is often described as one of the most deeply rooted, and compatible pairings within the whole Zodiac. However, both of these signs are so cautious, and their relationship sometimes errs on the side of boredom and stagnation — which can test even the most steady foundations. Both the Bull and the Crab are also incredibly conflict avoidant. This pair may never get into intense, fiery fights, but the emotional warfare that exists between the two can cause an otherwise peaceful and balanced relationship to deteriorate.

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However, when it comes to the relationship between these two partners, there is an endless flux of love, and this is due to the fact that they are karmically linked. It takes a lot to separate these lovers, because they both feel like they have met their mirror in the other. The Bull and the Crab foster the most beautiful Venusian energy, and the time they spend together may feel like a dream because they both feel deeply supported and seen on a soul level. The emotional resonance that is felt within this kind of connection is almost addictive, and the harmony created between both partners is nurturing and anchoring. Any other partnership feels unsteady in comparison, making this connection almost impossible to shake.

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Aries + Aquarius 

The union between an Aries and an Aquarius is almost otherworldly. However, when faced with the kind of love that has the potential to last a lifetime, both parties have to do the work in order to keep it alive for that long. The naturally possessive Aries may make the Aquarian feel constricted in the partnership, while the aloofness of the Water-Bearer can cause a lot of jealousy to bubble up within the Ram. Though these two signs can win wars together, it is sometimes the smaller, internal battles that arise within their own connection that may cause its downfall.

However, it is that kind of team-like energy that makes the partnership between the Ram and the Water-Bearer incredibly hard to release. Both individuals support one another through thick and thin, and their roots within one another run deep due to that support and alliance. This connection is also never stagnant, as both partners tend to inspire each other deeply — which is incredibly rare for them to experience in a romantic relationship. This is a highly creative, and driven merging of souls that only ever brings out the best in the other. Finding anything that compares when it comes to the dynamism and the synergy in such a relationship is futile, and when a Ram does find a Water-Bearer — they tend to hold on tightly.

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Virgo + Capricorn 

Despite being an almost impossible connection to break apart, the relationship between a Virgo and a Capricorn can break down if proper attention isn’t fostered between the two signs. Though both the Maiden and the Sea-Goat value an emotional and stable connection, they sometimes fail to offer love and support to one another along their journey together due to how complacent and comfortable they get in their partnership. Both signs have to take the time and make an effort to inspire energy into the connection, or else it can turn stale over the years. This is where resentment tends to grow between a Virgo and a Capricorn, and it is often the cause of their uprooting.

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However, this connection is the amalgamation of two extremely intellectual and rooted individuals, who create an incredibly steady and protected relationship dynamic together. The Maiden and the Sea-Goat are in a constant state of learning from one another, and it is within that growth, and foundation, that both signs become wholly devoted to the other. Such an anchoring is nearly impossible to release, and it is within the dependability and sensuality that they feel together that these two lovers become linked on a level that isn’t easily replicated in any other connection. Due to their willingness to commit, and their high standards being met, a Virgo and a Capricorn will almost always fight to keep one another in their lives.

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