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Liar Zodiac Signs Are Not To Be Trusted

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Lying is a natural instinct for humans. Everyone who’s ever lived has lied about at least one thing. However, while everyone lies, some of the liar zodiac signs lie way more than others. If you can believe it, you can actually figure that out via someone’s Zodiac sign. While everyone is different and not everyone can apply their sign’s description to them in all things, there liar zodiac signs are a lot of things where our signs can be very influential, and one of those things could very well be lying. If you’re wondering just how the alignment of the planets on the moment you were born can determine something as personal as your ability to lie, look no further than the closest planet to the Sun, Mercury. Mercury is actually the planet of ideas and communication, so depending on where Mercury is, the planet could very well predict not just how much you lie, but why you lie. Here’s what to expect out of every Zodiac sign when it comes to lying, which sign is the biggest liar, and which sign can’t lie at all.

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The Aries liar isn’t pathological. These are the people biggest liar zodiac sign who are very likely to nod and smile to move along a conversation if they have no idea what you’re talking about. They’re also more likely to lie if they’re totally bored with what you have to say. While they’re capable of lying well, if those instances are any proof, they’re probably not going to be lying creatively all the time.

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The Taurus is represented by a bull for a reason. The bull doesn’t just mean that the Taurus is stubborn, it means that people born in Taurus have a gift for lying. They can lie right to your face and succeed. If a Taurus tells you they’re five minutes away, chances are they have yet to leave their house and are just getting into the Uber. If you need someone to lie for you, getting a Taurus to spin your yarn for you would be a wise choice.

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The Gemini is represented by the twins for a reason. Geminis are masters of social lying because they’re naturally quite charming and likable. These are the people who will tell you what you want to hear and never get questioned for it because it’s so easy to be taken in by a Gemini lie that you don’t actually want to know the truth.

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Cancers will only really lie about themselves. Cancers are caring, so on the rare occasion that they lie, they’ll do it if the lie will benefit someone else or avoid a fight or hurt feelings. They’re most likely to break up with you with a line like “it’s not you, it’s me.” On the flip side, a Cancer will lie if they’re not doing well and don’t want others to worry. They’re emotional, but they’re also caretakers at heart.

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Leos love the spotlight. That makes them fantastic liars. These are the guys who will lie about themselves but in a different way. They’ll do it in ways that make themselves look amazing. These are the guys most likely to pad their resume or exaggerate a story to hold attention and interest.

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Virgos don’t like to lie, but they are very good at it. Virgos are master deceivers at lying for financial gain. They’re the ones who will spin a tale about being broke, but buy lots of cool things and keep them stashed in their closet. This isn’t every Virgo, and lots of people would never dream of doing that, but most Virgos are totally capable of it if they tried it, so let’s hope they don’t try.

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Libras are sweet talkers. Unlike the Gemini, the Libra won’t resort to lying right away, but if they do, it’s probably going to be about relationships and s*x. Libras are all about relationships, so if they’re in a position to make themselves look better in that respect, they’ll do it. These are going to be the people who will make you feel like an s*x god when in reality you were nothing to write home about.

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Scorpios are hard to catch in their lies. Scorpios are shrouded in mystery in almost all things, and the same goes with lies. Unlike many other signs, a Scorpio isn’t going to lie without mapping out the consequences and making sure they go unnoticed. These are the people who will be really nice on the outside but really not like you very much on the inside, and you’d be none the wiser because Scorpios are masters at grudge-holding.

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The Sagittarius doesn’t lie a lot, but when they do, they go big. I knew a Sagittarius who was honest in all things, almost brutally so, but told a lie spanning years about friends and a string of significant others we’d never met and that they could never prove existed. This is kind of how they lie. They won’t lie, and they actually don’t like lying much anyway, but if they’re going to, they’re going to tell a whopper.

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Capricorns don’t love lying, but they’re not above a few white ones. Capricorns are most likely to use white lies to keep everyone feeling happy or even tilt a debate or a negotiation in their favor. This is why Capricorns are great to have when you stand to gain something out of a conversation because they’re natural social engineers. These are the people who are most likely to white lie their way into their dream jobs.

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Aquarians lie harmlessly. Their lies are harmless for several reasons. For one, for the average Aquarian, the truth is stranger than fiction (as an Aquarian, I can attest to this), but more importantly, they just forget the details for their fake story more often than not, so they just don’t bother. Their lies will often involve procrastination, saying that they’ll get on something right away but continue binge-watching Netflix. Generally, an Aquarian feels like there are better things to do than a lie.

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The Pisces liar uses their words. They’re most likely to tell you what zodiac signs lie about the truth in a very roundabout way to avoid hurting any feelings. They’re deeply empathetic, and they won’t want to see anyone feeling bad over something they said, even if it was the truth. Their lies are harmless and benevolent ones that make the lives of people they tell them to slightly brighter.

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