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I Hope You’re Brave Enough To Free Yourself From Toxic Relationships

Someday, you might find yourself in love with someone who happens to be a toxic person. And you might just find yourself stuck in a relationship with that person, even though it is very bad and harmful for you. And the thing is, it might actually take you a lot of time to even realize that this relationship is a toxic one to begin with—it might take you years.

When you are in this kind of a relationship, it consumes you so much in such an awful way. It makes you lose your spark. It actually hinders you from any kind of chance to flourish. It makes you start to constantly doubt yourself . It completely shakes your trust in yourself. It makes you hesitant to share any of your accomplishments. It gets you in such a dark state of life.

The problem is, that most of the time you don’t realize that you have been in a toxic relationship until you’ve reached the very peak of it, until you find yourself completely losing yourself in it, and until you find yourself just turning into this version of yourself that you don’t even like. You feel influenced by the other person in such a way that it pushes you further away from your own self.

The problem is that even after realizing the fact that this relationship is a toxic one, you might stay in it because you feel stuck. Because you might love the other person too much to walk away, even if it means sacrificing your own self in the process. And this is one of the worst things you could ever do to yourself.

No amount of love in this world is worth putting yourself through something like this. You may not be used to choosing yourself over others, but this time, I hope you decide to choose yourself. This time, I hope you don’t allow yourself to keep going and completely lose yourself in the process.

And when I talk about this kind of relationship, it doesn’t always mean romantic ones. Sometimes it can be friendships or family relationships, which sometimes makes it even trickier for us to classify them as toxic.

I hope that you won’t think for a second that you are a selfish person for deciding to walk away or for deciding to finally free yourself from what has been bringing you down for so long. I hope that this time you will choose to think of yourself and do what’s best for you. I hope you never allow someone to have this power over you again. I hope you never allow someone to make you feel this awful towards your life and yourself. I hope that you learn to never allow someone poison your life like this once again.

I hope you choose to free yourself from something that has been causing you unhappiness, anxiety, and negativity for so long. I hope you choose to save yourself and understand that loving a person isn’t enough of an excuse to throw yourself under the bus and sacrifice your own happiness and your own self peace. I hope this time you can make yourself and your mental health a priority.

I Hope You’re Brave Enough To Free Yourself From Toxic Relationships
I Hope You’re Brave Enough To Free Yourself From Toxic Relationships

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