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The Reason Women Are Happier With Less Attractive Men

Many men live with the wrong opinion that women are only looking for attractive partners.

They also mistakenly assume that they shouldn’t hang out with amazing women who are also lucky enough to be blessed with beauty.

Before we get into the explanation of why women actually prefer and are happier with even less attractive men, there are a few things to understand about women as well.

Women do not look beautiful or dress beautifully for men, but for themselves and to express their character.

Just as a man feels confident with a new haircut and a new pair of shoes, so does every woman, and being in love with make-up is also an art in itself.

A woman’s propensity to look good, apply makeup skillfully, and be a great person at the same time may be intimidating, but it says a little about her motives.

Every woman, no matter how neat or natural she looks, wants the same thing in love and that is devotion, loyalty and support.

All women also dream of a man they can talk to and who will listen to their plans, support them and let them grow into the best version of themselves.

On the flip side, they still fall for traditional acts of affection like a single rose or a sweet message.

Sadly, men who dare to be kind have become rarer in the modern world, but if you just happen to be a gentle, loving, and loving man who respects a woman, your standing will be the least considered.

A woman needs a man with whom she can grow into her best version and who will be her support no matter what.

In addition, a man who loves her in good and bad times and knows her soul, and no appearance can meet these needs.

Women know how bad it feels to be valued just for looks


Women have known throughout their lives that their appearance is one of the most important factors in anyone showing interest in them.

No matter how smart, educated, kind, and generous they are, they are still selected because someone likes their looks and their nice tendencies are just a bonus.

Even though they weren’t particularly attractive as teenagers and later turned into swans, they know what looks-related bullying and teasing feel like.

You hate the idea that someone puts you down for not fitting into a certain category and the idea that you are not worthy of love because of the way you look.

Women know, more than anyone, how much it hurts and makes the soul suffer when judged for how you look so they enjoy going out with a less attractive man.

This is also something obvious as women try more than ever to meet a standard of beauty that is not even healthy or constructive for them because of the pain.

Women realize much earlier that it is wrong to disapprove of someone because of their looks, and they don’t even pay so much attention to a man’s appearance.

They are more interested in how a certain man treats them and makes them feel, so that even a less attractive man can win their heart as if he were the most charming Prince Charming.

Less attractive men are more observant

If an average looking man is fortunate enough to become the partner of a very attractive woman, he will do everything possible to please her.

The reason for this is simple: he will fear that at some point she will leave him for a more attractive man.

Therefore, he does everything in his power to get her attention and to keep her happy at all times.

Most likely, he will surprise her with gifts and romantic dinners and treat her like a goddess, which will make her realize something.

No matter how beautiful she is and how average her boyfriend is, she will never be as happy and safe as in his arms.

She may find a more attractive partner and be an object of desire, but if you treat her like no other will and actually make an effort to explore her soul, then she will be yours forever.

If a man is only attractive but never makes a woman feel special, what is the purpose?

A woman will always opt for a man who makes an effort rather than an attractive tight-fisted man, so looks are not important to the functioning of a relationship.

Women feel more comfortable with less attractive men

Even beautiful women can feel intimidated by an equally beautiful man.

When a man is very attractive, he attracts other women ‘s attention and thus makes the woman he is with feel insecure.

You could be scared all the time that he is cheating, that he deserves better, and as a result, dieting and developing low self-esteem.

You find it hard to get comfortable with someone this attractive, and hence this reaction is quite common.

Even if a handsome man would never cheat on a woman and love a woman just as much as an average looking man, the thought that one day his beauty might cause him to leave her still remains.

As superficial as it sounds, beauty provides us with many benefits without real effort, and that can affect how a woman appreciates her beautiful partner.

An attractive man is aware of his beauty and his possibilities and can use these for his own advantage due to his character.

On the other hand, a less attractive man goes to great lengths to look beyond a beautiful appearance, so that a woman feels really comfortable in his presence.


Less attractive men tend to be more successful

Because less attractive men are not born with the untiring gift of beauty, they are usually very ambitious.

They know that when it comes to life, they have to try harder, so they mostly achieve great things.

While a handsome man makes little or no effort to impress a woman, he transfers this attitude to other areas of life as well.

If you are a handsome man, you are wanted because you are beautiful, but a less attractive man is wanted because he tries.

A less attractive man will not magically attract anything into his life if he does not make an effort, and therefore he is preferred by women in all respects.

The less attractive man might turn to other things as well, since seducing women is a more difficult task for him.

He will turn to education, hobbies, and more often the opinion that relationships are something valuable that should be nurtured, just like women, so that in the end he always gets the woman of his dreams.

You know where the good will end up, and when a less attractive man is nice, there is no woman he cannot win over. 

The Reason Women Are Happier With Less Attractive Men
The Reason Women Are Happier With Less Attractive Men

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