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7 Signs You’re In The Wrong Relationship

Signs You’re In The Wrong Relationship – Here we have highlighted 7 wrong relationship signs which you must read and check if these apply to you or not. And if you feel the same then you must talk to your partner and sort it out ASAP.

1. You’re not being yourself

If you’ve noticed that you’ve lost a lot of what it meant to be you, you might want to step back and reevaluate things. If we’re not growing and changing for the better when we’re with someone or are getting worse, then it’s a sign that things are not right. Your partner should bring out the best version of yourself.

2. You’re not trying

A great way to tell if you want to be in a relationship is whether or not you care. If you’re feeling more and more apathetic as the relationship moves forward, there is no point in throwing time, money, and effort at it, is there? If you’re bored with a relationship and can’t find a reason to care, it’s a sign to move on without each other. Apathy is the opposite of love.

3. You fantasize about being with other people

While you might not be physically cheating on your partner, fantasizing about a life that doesn’t include them is a form of emotional cheating. Daydreams and visions of a better life with someone else, even if they’re not real, are telling that you’re currently unsatisfied.

4. You’re entirely different from each other

If you like to be outside in the mountains all day, but your partner won’t get off the couch for more than five minutes, certain needs and desires will eventually feel unfulfilled if both partners are not okay with the other’s lifestyle. Maybe the two of you met and had an instant connection, but as time went on you started to realize that you don’t have much in common. These differences can be a dealbreaker.

5. You’re starting to resent them

Falling out of love with your partner can happen, but when you start to have feelings of hate or contempt for them, it’s a sign that things are about to get worse. Don’t let yourself become bitter and fearful.

6. You blame each other for everything

You think that everything wrong with the relationship is their fault, while they think the same about you. Of course, you both know that neither person is 100 percent to blame. But you’re not about to let the other person know that. Time to move on. This is the 6th sign that you are in the wrong relationship.

7. You wish you were home alone

You’re in a bad relationship when you find yourself wishing, too often, that your partner wasn’t around. You start to realize that life might be easier and happier without them. When you’re in each other’s presence, things are tense, arguments ensue, and you feel unhappy.

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