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10 Signs You Have A Loving Self-Relationship

1. Your intentions align with your words and actions.

You know who you are, but know you’re a work in progress. You’re honest and straightforward with what you say and how you say it. Your actions indicate how you value your time, and you understand your opinions are important.

2. You take the time to practice self-awareness.

You know when to slow down and take caution of your surroundings. You always reserve time to reflect upon your headspace. Mental clarity gives you a reason for how you show up for yourself and others.

3. You acknowledge all your emotions with respect.

You acknowledge all your thoughts with observation, but don’t let every thought define you. Emotions are the freedom to express yourself about how you feel at a given moment. Out of respect, you embrace your emotions deeply and intensely.

4. You set and honor your boundaries.

You know the difference between what serves you and what does not. You’re firm with your boundaries and know your limits. You know when to say “no” to people, obligations, and ideas. If that means not working on the weekends or not answering the phone past 5 p.m., so be it.

5. You actively build self-trust

You actively seek to improve your relationship of self-trust. You listen carefully to the opinions around you, but always tune back to your intuition for guidance. No one knows you better than you; with that, you learn to trust yourself in the presence of hardship.

6. You take responsibility for yourself.

You’re not responsible for what happened to you, but you’re responsible for how you move forward. If you want to see change around you, it has to start from within. If that internal work is going to therapy, speaking to a friend or loved one is a selfless act of taking accountability.

7. You speak kindly to yourself.

You don’t talk yourself down with negative self-talk. Negative talk is self-destructive and can sabotage your growth. There is a time and place to push yourself to be your best, but slowly destroying your confidence with unkind words hinders your viewing towards self-compassion.

8. You embrace and give love to your body.

Your mind and soul can’t be in alignment without your body. You honor your body with self-care, kindness, and respect. Your flaws hold a chapter of your story. Behind every imperfection is the embodiment of what makes you who you are, and that is your power.

9. You validate your experiences.

Validation is the essence of being seen and understood. You take great pride in your experiences. You know that your voice matters, even when it shakes. Experiences do not discriminate, and you’re a human being who has every right to be seen and heard.

10. You keep promises to yourself.

You know that you’re not for everyone, and you find peace in that. You’re selective with who you let in and share your truth. You hold promises to yourself like a sacred gift. Letting yourself down is not in the cards for you. You know that you’re not broken and have already been whole all along.

10 Signs You Have A Loving Self-Relationship
10 Signs You Have A Loving Self-Relationship

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