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These Zodiac Signs Are Specially Jealous

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Many people become green with envy when their neighbors have a new car or their colleague goes on vacation for the third time in a year. Why some people feel more envious than others could be because of the zodiac sign. You can read here which zodiac signs are particularly jealous – and which envy is a foreign word.

Envy is usually rated as a rather bad feeling. Envious people do not grant others their happiness or success. Those who are jealous are often seen as malicious and cared for. But that’s not always the case. Because envy can also be seen as something positive, for example if you take emotion as a motivator and driver.

Watch out! Envy in marriage can also cause problems. Are you affected by it? You can find out which zodiac signs divorce particularly often in the video above. 

Envy can also be positive

It doesn’t get anyone any further if you envy other people’s successes and happiness. That only makes you dissatisfied. It is a big mistake to withdraw miserably in such a case and wallow in your own “failure”.

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Rather, use envious feelings as motivation to get better and achieve things that the envied person has already achieved. In addition, envy shows you where your construction sites are. Do you envy your girlfriend the new job in a large company? Then you should ask yourself how satisfied you are with your job. If the dissatisfaction is very high, you should take action and look around for a new job.

These zodiac signs are real jealous hammers

Indeed, there are zodiac signs that are attributed more envy than others. You can read in the next section which zodiac signs are particularly prone to jealous feelings.


Scorpios are considered hardworking and disciplined, but also very jealous as a result. You have big goals, are constantly working through your to-do lists and therefore also claim to be among the best. If someone pulls past them, perhaps with a lot less effort and investment, pure envy breaks out of the scorpions. Therefore, the Scorpio should focus on his goals and not constantly look left and right to see what others are doing.

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Capricorns are tough, tenacious, and performance-oriented. In addition, the zodiac sign is considered very rational and reasonable. However, too much reason can lead to Capricorns no longer viewing the world realistically, but idealized. This leads to increasing pressure, which can tip the determination to envy. Therefore, Capricorns should not put themselves under too much pressure and constantly check whether the ideal image they have of other people in their environment really corresponds to reality or only to their own ideal.

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Aries is a zodiac sign from the element fire. The fiery temperament leads to great enthusiasm. Aries would prefer to do or have everything right away. They put a lot of energy into this endeavor. If someone else is suddenly more successful in his actions, this leads to frustration and envy. Aries should use this as a fuel, not a breeding ground for envious feelings. You should keep working towards your goals while being patient. Then envy isn’t even necessary.

Some zodiac signs are not jealous, but smart! Before we get to the zodiac signs that feel almost no envy, we introduce you to the smartest of them in the video.

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Envy is a foreign word for these zodiac signs

There are signs of the zodiac that are far from envy. As a rule, these are strong but self-critical characters who know where their resources are and what they can expect. In this section we introduce you to three zodiac signs that others can learn from without envy.


The Pisces watermark is considered calm and prudent. People who wear the zodiac sign are usually dreamy and imaginative. The comparison of performance is far from them and does not bring them to their goals. In return, fish strive to meet the demands made by them or by society. When you meet people who have everything to do with things, it can lead to slight envy. But fish are almost never green with envy.

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Cancers are considered to be happy and open-minded people who can also grant other people happiness and success. Cancers often admire others for their lightheartedness or optimism – never in an envious and grieving way, but in a sympathetic way.

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The air sign Libra seeks balance. In the effort to find the inner center, Libra perceives negative feelings such as envy only as disturbing. Instead, Libra rely on good cooperation. So they are always trying to change relationships in a positive way. The social competence is very strong in this zodiac sign. Conflicts are avoided. However, should a slight feeling of envy arise, Libra would never admit it.

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