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4 Zodiac Signs Who Are in Their ‘Stick Season’ Right Now

Noah Kahan’s song and album “Stick Season” is a story of self-reflection, loss, and feeling stuck in an in-between phase of life. Here are five zodiac signs currently experiencing their own metaphorical “stick season” this winter.


Cancer, you’re known for being a sign with a lot of emotional depth (and plenty of sensitivity to go along with that). Because of this, you may often find yourself experiencing periods that feel like you’re in an endless stick season; these periods of flux for you are often marked by nostalgia, wistfulness, longing, and uncertainty. You may enter a stick season whenever you’re busy mourning the end of a meaningful period in your life, and you can also enter this in-between stage when you’re feeling burnt out. Your stick season is a time for healing, allowing yourself to feel everything, processing your emotions, and finding solace in the peace and quiet. Take time to reflect and understand the period you’re going through; your stick season is an opportunity for stillness in order to achieve growth.


Scorpio, the intensity of your sign tends to mean that, when you hit a stick season, you feel it profoundly. You might be experiencing a phase of transformation that feels challenging or uncertain right now; it’s the sense of slowly shedding your old skin, but not yet knowing what lies underneath. This period also pushes you to let go of old wounds, grudges, and hurts; you often enter these periods of introspection in order to nurse yourself back to emotional health and reset your feelings. Embrace this stage of vulnerability and uncertainty, Scorpio; your resilience (and the natural process of inner regeneration) will guide you through your stick season this year.


Pisces, your sensitive and empathetic nature means you absorb the energies around you, which can lead to extended periods of feeling lost or overwhelmed—your own version of a stick season. Now might be a time where you’re confronting feelings of longing or melancholy, perhaps related to unfulfilled dreams or connections that have drifted. You might feel a strange pull towards the past or a desire to be chronologically elsewhere–less about place and more about time, whether you’re longing to skip forward to a better period or go back to something you’re dearly missing. Stick seasons can also bring up old memories for you; when you enter a stick season, you might find memories and emotions from all your past wounds and stick seasons reemerging, leaving you with hundreds of things to process all at once. Work through them slowly and take the time to understand how they all connect for you; as you continue to allow yourself the time to reflect and process these periods, you’ll slowly feel as though your regular life gains more creativity, growth, and peace once you come out of your stick season.


Capricorn, winter can sometimes bring about an involuntary stick season for you. Even your sign has periods where you can’t help but question yourself and your ambitions; you might experience this change very suddenly, as though you wake up one day and randomly feel completely lost. This can inspire a lot of reflection and change to occur during your stick season; you might find yourself reexamining goals you thought you were certain about or changing things you’ve done for years. Stick seasons can be uncertain and even terrifying for you; you might feel as though you’ve completely lost yourself. Your sign tends to be about ambition, discipline, and hard work; during stick season, you might feel completely isolated from these traits, which can lead you to feel as though you’re no longer the same person you were before. This feeling will pass as you sort through your emotions and goals; your stick season might continue on for a while, but it often leaves as suddenly as it arrives, allowing you to throw yourself right back into your work until your next period of self-reflection arrives.

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