Zodiac Signs


The stars reveal to us which are the zodiac signs that have the most need for pampering and affection. Never leave them without.

Feeling loved by some zodiac signs is a primary need. While some signs need their living space never to be invaded, other signs wish to receive continuous displays of affection such as the 6 we are about to list.

Each zodiac sign has an innate personality that defines its way of acting and behaving as well as its needs. For some zodiac signs, thinking about spending a day without cuddling and hugging is inconceivable. Love for them must be shown continuously. Astrologers reveal that the 6 signs of the zodiac are most in need of affection of all.

Here are the zodiac signs that need affection the most


The Libra native is very charming and loves the feeling he gets when he realizes pleasure. Libra loves a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, this is how they receive the greatest rewards. He has a gentle disposition, is very carnal, and needs affection and compliments on his physical appearance.


The sign of Taurus craves affection at 360 degrees: hugs, tender gestures, and sweet words, the more the better. Words matter a lot for this very sensitive sign, always looking for “true” proofs of love. The sign of Taurus is among the most passionate signs of the zodiac.


For Pisces who is a great dreamer, life only makes sense if it is governed by love. Love is the engine of existence. Pisces is a loving and very vulnerable sign. His need for love is unbridgeable, he can never get enough.


Leo is a sign that loves to be the center of attention and to receive affection and admiration. It is a very proud sign, exuberant does not show that affection is one of his needs and you have to be good at understanding what are the moments when he needs affection and when he needs space.


Capricorn is a hard worker, he works hard to ensure the financial well-being of his loved ones and in return, he only wants love and affection. Without this, he will feel very hurt.


Cancer is a particular sign, apparently cold in reality it has a tender heart and if it receives a wrong it does not forgive. Not showing love for him is also a great lack and over time this attitude hurts him. Cancer always has to reconcile its great thirst for affection with its tendency to push people out of your life.

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