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4 Zodiacs Who Will Only Date A Man With High Emotional Maturity

In order to sustain a healthy, long-lasting relationship, both parties need to be open about their feelings and communicate freely about what they’re thinking. The signs who recognize this aren’t going to waste their time or attention on anyone who is out of touch with their emotional side. Here are the zodiacs who will only date partners with a high emotional maturity:


Virgos are excellent communicators who are willing to embrace their vulnerable side when it’s time for a tough conversation. They will understand if you struggle to say what’s on your mind, but you have to be willing to try. If you shut down whenever there’s a problem in the relationship and talking to you feels like pulling teeth, then they aren’t going to bother with you anymore. They understand that both parties need to put effort into the relationship in order to fix problems and strengthen bonds. If you aren’t going to play your part, then there’s nothing they can do except walk away with their head held high.


Leos will only date partners with high emotional maturity because they have high standards. They know they deserve the best, so they aren’t going to settle for a partner who shuts them out and treats them like the enemy. They need their partner to let down their walls and share how they’re feeling. They need a relationship that is built on trust. Otherwise, this sign is going to feel like you’re only giving them bits and pieces of yourself – and that is not nearly enough for them. They want every part of you. They want to know that you are in this relationship one thousand percent. If you don’t trust them enough to open up to them and have mature conversations with them about the state of the relationship, there might as well not be a relationship.


Capricorns are old souls. They matured at a young age, so they’ve never had the patience for mind games. They believe couples should speak up about how they’re really feeling because keeping secrets and ever so subtly hinting at what’s on their mind could lead to miscommunication, which could lead to an ugly breakup. Capricorns will only date partners with high emotional maturity because they are one of the most mature signs in the zodiac. They always explain their thoughts in a clear and concise manner, and they expect their partners to do the same.


Pisces are in touch with their feelings, and they need a partner who is on the same page. This sign is going to talk openly and honestly about their emotions on a daily basis, and if their partner gets nervous with these types of serious discussions, a relationship is never going to work. If their partner runs away at the first sign of tears, a relationship is never going to work. A Pisces needs someone who sees vulnerability as a strength, just like they do. They need a partner who will tell them how they’re feeling freely. Who will be as transparent as possible, and who will listen closely when they speak.

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