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Zodiac Signs Who Love Their Children More Than Their Partner

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Scorpions consider their children to be an extension of themselves. As a result, their affection for their children will be always greater than their love for a buddy or lover. They’re, nevertheless, fantastic at demonstrating their love for their spouse before having a child. This perplexes their wives, who believe their love has dwindled since they had a child together.

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You could never blame Cabs for neglecting their partner because they have a healthy work-life harmony. However, after having a kid, all they want to talk about is their kid, so romance comes second. Whenever the Caps bring the infant into their bedroom for several nights, life might be particularly challenging for their partner.

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Sags raise their kids like defenseless infants, regardless of their age. Once their children leave the nest or go off to college, most parents reflect on their relationship with their partner. Except for Sags. Their children have captured the soul of this astrological sign, and they will not be the same.

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Would you remember how Virgo pursued you with unwavering commitment during the beginning of your married relationship? This very same affection is directed at their children as soon as they are delivered. This may make their spouses feel betrayed, as romantic date nights are substituted with playtime and sports events.

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