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3 Zodiacs Who Shouldn’t Be Messed With On January 9

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Is there something in the water? It seems like everyone’s out to get you today. You’re just trying to go about your business yet everyone you run into has an attitude. You’re really not interested in trouble today, but what happens when it finds you? For these three zodiac signs, you have no patience for people who get on your nerves on January 9. It’s best if they stay away because you’re not to be messed with right now, period.

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You’re a fighter. Whether you’re fighting for people who can’t–or won’t–stand up for themselves, or you’re defending yourself, you aren’t afraid to do what’s necessary in the face of adversity. Are you exhausted from post-holidays fatigue and the general malaise of a dreary winter? Sure. But that’s not going to stop you from putting up a fight if you need to. Anyone who messes with you on January 9 is going to learn that there’s no good time to bother an Aries. If they wanted a fight, now they’ll get it.

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You have a knack for taking people down with just a few cutting words. It’s why some people admire you and others are afraid to get on your bad side. (And maybe, for some, it’s a little bit of both.) If anyone’s set on getting on your bad side on January 9, you’re not afraid to cut them down for their efforts. Might it create some tension in your social circle? Sure, but that’s not really in the forefront of your mind when you’re set on defending yourself. Honestly, it sounds like a “them” problem.

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You’re the type who just wants to be left alone–at least when it comes to drama. But if need be, you’ll fight with passion. That’s especially the case if someone is trying to mess with your friends. On January 9, you’re done with the people who constantly try to start shit. If they go after your inner circle, you’ll be there when it gets rough. If it means that you might have to get rid of some toxic people from your social life, so be it.

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