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These Zodiac Signs Hide Their Feelings Behind Humor

Some people find it extremely difficult to show their true feelings and to talk about their insides in front of others. Instead, they are constantly cracking jokes and hiding behind a great wall of humor.

And that is often related to the zodiac sign. These four zodiac signs in particular use humor to avoid having to talk about how they are really doing.


Virgo is a true master when it comes to hiding her feelings. She does not like to share her thoughts with others and is very careful about opening up to others and revealing her insides. In situations in which it could be about feelings, she uses humor to distract her counterpart from the topic and bring them to other thoughts. Only when she really trusts someone does she manage to open up.


It is similar to the twins. This zodiac sign loves its freedom, is extremely adventurous, and constantly needs variety. Life is a big playground for twins, but there is little time for feelings. The main thing is to have fun in life and enjoy your time. It is difficult for many to see that twin also have a soft and emotional side. Because this zodiac sign hides it pretty well behind a good dose of humor.


The Taurus is also one of the zodiac signs who like to hide their feelings from others and are difficult to see in the cards. He is reluctant to give up control and thinks he is doing so if he opens up to others. That’s why he prefers to keep his feelings to himself and cover his emotions with jokes and laughs. In truth, this is nothing more than a sign of great uncertainty.


Aquarians are actually very open and social people, yet they are quite reserved and reserved when it comes to their own feelings. Aquarius hardly ever speaks about them. Because this zodiac sign has a big problem when it comes to trusting others. Even when he’s not feeling well at the moment, he pretends everything is okay and makes a good face about the bad game.

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