Zodiac Signs

Why They Won’t Commit Based On Their Zodiac Sign

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Aries – They jump into things

Gifted with tremendous willpower and an assertive personality, Aries may find themselves jumping into situations they aren’t ready or equipped to back up. Think: a steamy-ONS, flirty convo thread, or jumping into a new relationship they see no long-term potential in. These actions aren’t done with ill intent, but rather express the different ways an Aries sees the world. If you’re struggling, bring up desires and intentions without becoming argumentative. An Aries needs avenues to fight for, not against, and are often more sensitive than they make themselves out to be.

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Taurus – It’s not according to plan

Grounded in the sensualities of this world and driven for richness and security, a Taurus will not enter a relationship unless it serves the bigger picture of their life and long-term goals. Potentially coming across as stubborn or self-centered, a Taurus is not flexible and does not want to be persuaded to stay in a relationship they do not want to be in. When a Taurus is “in,” they’re in. Trust words and actions.

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Gemini – They’re afraid of being boxed in

Gemini expresses a highly-functioning mind and desires outlets for stimulation. They’re typically not heavy on planning and often fear boredom. Because of this, a Gemini may associate commitment with rules and rigidity. When a Gemini struggles to commit, it’s best to allow space for them to make an informed decision. Pressing the issue will likely make things worse.

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Cancer – There’s more to the story

Cancer is deeply intuitive and connected to the unconscious domain. Cancers are often cautious and hesitant to enter new relationships, but equally struggle with fear of hurting or harming others. When a Cancer struggles to commit, it’s best to ask questions and create an environment of emotional safety for all parties involved.

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Leo – Personal needs are unmet

Mirroring the light of the sun itself, Leo strives to build a sense of family. A deeply-expressive sign, Leo is loyal, spontaneous, and enjoys a variety in their relationships. When Leo struggles to commit, there are likely personal needs going unmet. If Leo is hesitant about commitment and not speaking up, there are likely deeper personal incompatibilities at play. This may not be a relationship that works for them.

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Virgo – Energy is being weighed

Like her ancient ruler, Mercury, Virgo moves between worlds in service of others. When hesitant to commit, Virgo may be struggling in a battle of perfectionism, weighing various commitments and responsibilities. These hesitations may or may not be related to a specific partner. Virgo needs to be engaged in selfless service to feel fulfilled, and these traits need to be streamlined in avenues that serve Virgo’s highest mission. When Virgo expresses hesitancy to commit, refocus your energy on being the best version of yourself, first.

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Libra – They’re not sure about partnership with you

Social, and outgoing, Libra is known as the romantic of the Zodiacs. Libra rules the Seventh House, the house of adult relationships and partnership. Libra is driven to be in partnership with others, and if struggling to commit, likely isn’t sure about the relationship itself. Libra requires a partner who shows up fully. Express desires and intentions upright through both words and actions. From there, Libra can make an informed decision.

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Scorpio – They’re not ready to dive into the depths

For Scorpio, relationships add an incredible sense of meaning. With an affinity for diving in deep, a healthy Scorpio is game to be your partner for life. When unsure about whether to commit, this fixed water sign likely doesn’t feel a sense of personal safety to yet embark fully. Practice showing up as the partner you want to be. Either they’ll be driven to follow suit or the relationship will naturally deteriorate and both will have an opportunity to move forward.

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Sagittarius – They need the conversation

Ruled by the planet Jupiter, Sagittarius has an adventurous personality that seeks to never stop exploring. Sagittarius strives for confidence and wants to feel as though they are productively leading their life. These individuals tend to have vibrant social circles and are typically open about what it is they genuinely want and desire. If Sagittarius is struggling to commit, you’re better off just asking. Sagittarius is markedly honest. Although they like to lead, you’re allowed to be confident, too.

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Capricorn – They’re on task

Known for being ambitious and duty-oriented, Capricorn dates with intention. They tend to only date those they envision a potential future with. Capricorn can struggle expressing emotional depth and vulnerability and may rely on their partner to set the emotional standard. Capricorn may come across as playing cold or hard to get. Embrace the law of polarity and allow your emotions and vulnerability to express themselves forward.

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Aquarius – They need to know more about you

Unconventional and uniquely complex, Aquarius requires a partner who sparks their curiosity. Aquarius enjoys the full process of getting to know someone prior to embarking in commitment. They want to know the ins and outs of their partner’s life, hopes, and dreams. If Aquarius is dragging their feet on commitment, practice leading with your own energy.

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Pisces – They need genuinity

Associated with the nature of unconditional love, when Pisces loves, they love completely. Gentle and empathetic, they may struggle in decision making or have unrealistic expectations. In the process of committing to a relationship, a challenge to commit is moreso a reflection of their own personal process than it is anything related to you (as with all signs). Avoid letting yourself think negatively about yourself. Meaning and feeling seen are far more important than any grand gesture. Pisces can smell ingenuity from a mile away.

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