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When You’re The Woman Who Trusts Too Much

When you’re the woman who trusts too much, you’ll be disappointed in the people you open your heart to and the people you share secrets with. You’ll always be the one sharing more than you should, spilling unnecessary details, trusting that the other person will not betray you. You’ll always bet on the wrong people because you still believe in what people tell you or how they pretend to care.

When you’re the woman who trusts too much, you’ll attract partners who take a lot more than they give. You’ll attract the ones who talk more and do less. You’ll always believe the promises that are too good to be true and you’ll always dismiss the warning signs because you’re only judging based on what you hear. When you’re the woman who trusts too much, you’ll always be a magnet for the ones who take you for granted, the ones who don’t put in much effort. You’ll always be a magnet for selfish, emotionally unavailable partners because they’ll always be counting on your faith in them. They think you’ll never leave, you’ll never deny them and you’ll never call them out on their lies because they’re so sure of your love for them. They have all the reassurance in the world that no matter what they do, you’ll always forgive them and you’ll easily trust them again.

When you’re the woman who trusts too much, you may not always get the recognition you deserve at work because you’re always downplaying your talents or shying away from asking for what you want just because you trust that eventually your hard work will pay off or your boss will give you that promotion they casually mentioned one day over lunch. You’ll always trust your colleagues and clients a little more than you should and you won’t prepare yourself for the moments they throw you under the bus just because you didn’t think they would do anything to harm you, just because they acted a little bit too friendly.

When you’re the woman who trusts too much, you’ll always be an open book to your friends and you’ll be an easy target because you gave them all your keys, you told them your weaknesses, you shared too many details and you didn’t think twice about answering their most invasive questions because you love them and you trusted them, you didn’t think that one day in a moment of rage they can pull that trigger on you and shoot you with your own bullets.

When you’re the woman who trusts too much, people take you lightly, they don’t always respect you, they label you naive or too kind or too innocent because you’ve shown them time and time again that you don’t always fight back, you’ve forgiven people who deeply hurt you, you’ve trusted people you barely even knew, you’ve repeatedly attracted partners who don’t value you and you’ve never truly taken a stance or given someone a taste of their own medicine because you always ‘trust’ in their apology or their new promises.

But one day you wake up and you realize that you’ve had enough, that your unwavering trust in people has caused you more pain than you’d like to admit, that your most sacred secrets were shared with people who turned them into a joke and your love was wasted on people who didn’t really appreciate it. When you’re the woman who trusts too much, you wake up one day and realize that you no longer trust anyone. That your secrets are only truly safe with you. That sweet words and promises will no longer impress you until they’re actually implemented. That you deserve a lot more than what you’re settling for.

One day you will understand that trusting too much has caused you enough pain and deception and left you with nothing so you turn it all around. You treat people the same way they treat you. You don’t trust someone unless they’ve earned it. You stop sharing your secrets. You stop downplaying your talents. You set boundaries with those who hurt you and you slowly learn to take your trust back from everyone and give it back to yourself.

Because a woman can go from trusting too much to trusting too little overnight once she’s had enough, once she realizes that her emotions and her heart are not to be played with and once she learns how to sail her own ship because she has learned the hard way that a ship with too many people will always sink.

When You’re The Woman Who Trusts Too Much
When You’re The Woman Who Trusts Too Much

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