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Your First Date Red Flag, Based On Your Zodiac Sign


Aries, you’re a bundle of energy, and that’s great! But sometimes, you’re so eager to dive headfirst into things that you interrupt your date mid-sentence to share your thoughts. You’ve got a lot to share, and your stories are definitely the opposite of boring. But the point of the date is to get to know each other, not just for your date to get to know you. Plus, letting your date have a chance to talk will help you decide if they’re actually a good match…not just a good listener.


Sweet Taurus, you’ve got a penchant for the finer things in life. It’ll be good for you to find somebody who shares that same sentiment. But if you start critiquing things too much on the first date, that could send up a red flag instead of showing off your good taste. Don’t worry about the restaurant’s decor or the vibe of the bar you’re in – save that stuff for the fifth date.


Gemini, you’re ruled by planet Mercury, which means that it’s rare to see you lost for words. You’re good at having conversations with other people, but you might be a little fast-paced, even to the point of coming off as intimidating (or maybe just sounding like you’re rambling). Remember to slow down and take a deep breath; you can get to know someone without jumping from topic to topic so quickly and leaving your date behind.


Dearest Cancer, your big heart is truly your best asset. It might also mean that you show your sentimental (and your serious) side a little too early. If you rush into relationships for the sake of bonding, that can come off pretty strong. There’s nothing wrong with stating what you want out of a relationship – after all, it’ll help make sure you and your date are on the same page. But you don’t need to get too close too quickly – you can avoid coming off as pushy by just enjoying the ‘getting to know you’ part for a while.


Leo, you’re born to shine, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. But if you spend 80% of the date talking about your accomplishments (with visual aids), your date might feel like they’ve attended a performance rather than a romantic outing. There’s nothing wrong with a little bragging – you’re an impressive person, after all. But leave some space for your date to get to know you, not just your work.


Virgo, your attention to detail is second to none. That’s definitely a good quality, and a lot of people will appreciate it. Just be sure you’re not noticing the little things when they don’t really matter – keep it positive and avoid critiques that will make you sound nitpicky. You can be a perfectionist without subjecting your date to your high standards – they’ll probably appreciate that.


Libra, you’re the sign of balance, and that’s usually a good thing. The only issue is that it tends to make you pretty indecisive. Don’t leave your date to make all the decisions for you – that’s a lot of pressure to put on them. Take charge and make a suggestion if you’re not sure where to go or what to do. You can even pick a few options and let your date have the final say if you’re unsure. Compromise means both of you can have a say – it’ll actually keep your date running more smoothly if you both pitch in.


Mysterious Scorpio, you’re naturally intense, and sometimes that translates to, well, interrogative. You want to get to know someone, which is actually a good thing on the first date – it shows your date you’re interested. But you don’t need all the details at once – that can come off as disingenuous, more like an interview than like you’re really getting to know them. Dial down the detective mode and focus on spending time with them. You can get the dealbreakers out of the way early on if you’re worried about any hidden secrets, but other than that, don’t pressure them to share too much early on.


Sagittarius, your love for freedom can make you come off as noncommittal. You might put a little too much emphasis on keeping things casual when they’re not supposed to be, or maybe you just don’t want to talk about yourself. If you’re keeping yourself from getting close to your date, you should think about what you really want out of a relationship – and if you’re sure about looking for romance, don’t be afraid to say what you want and open up a little. You don’t need to propose on the first date, but you also don’t need to avoid holding hands.


Capricorn, your ambition is truly admirable. But if you’re sneakily checking work emails under the table or turning the date into a networking opportunity, your potential partner might feel like they’re at a work conference instead of a date. Your red flag is that you never really switch out of work mode – and yes, this something that helps you make your goals into a reality. It can also make your dates feel second-best to your work, even when it’s supposed to be your off hours. Switch off your phone for a while and be present with your date.


Innovative Aquarius, you’ve got a lot of information you want to share. It’s a way for you to connect with someone (and a good conversation starter if you’re getting to know them for the first time). But if you’re correcting your date on every minor detail, they might feel they’re on a quiz show where they’re always the losing contestant. Let’s keep the trivia to a minimum and focus on the big picture. Share your most favorite interests with them and don’t worry about the small slip-ups they make.


Dreamy Pisces, your romantic side is truly touching. Just be careful of pulling out all the stops on the first date – it’s a great move for a romance movie, but not for someone you don’t know that well in real life. If you start penning a poem or drawing a portrait of your date on the first outing, they might feel like they’ve stepped into a Renaissance fair. You can definitely let your romantic side more as you start dating – it’s a sweet trait to have – but don’t overwhelm your date right away.

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