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As Mercury Enters Capricorn Every Zodiac’s Life Is Taking A U-Turn, Here’s How To Navigate It

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Watch out! As mercury enters Capricorn, things are about to take a turn (for the better).

Mercury rules all things communication and reason. As Mercury intersects with diligent, organized, reliable Capricorn, the time has come for you to speak your mind and get what you want out of your day-to-day life.

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Each zodiac sign’s life is about to take a drastic U-turn as they close out the year because December is the month they finally find clarity on what they’ve been searching for. Not to mention, with Mercury leading them, they finally are able to put words to these feelings and articulately express their desires.

While we typically enter into holiday hibernation throughout December, in 2023 it will be a month of productivity and action. Here is how each zodiac sign can make the most of Mercury entering Capricorn this December.

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Journal More

This is just the beginning. Take December slowly, step-by-step; figuring out bits and pieces of what you want throughout the month. Spend more time journaling, making list, writing down your wants and needs. If you dedicate more time reflecting on what you want and need, I promise the clarity will come. Just put some pen to paper and work out the conflicts in your mind.

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A good way to map out your mind could be:

#1: Make a list of your day-to-day dedications (work, school, working out, going to church, volunteering, cooking, etc.) After this is done, note what feels fulfilling and what needs work.

#2: Then, write down the portions of your life and self you feel are missing (creativity, religion, friendship, sports, etc.)

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#3: List actionable ways you could bring those portions into the mix of your everyday life. Do the research. Find the groups in your area. Write it all down to think over.

Spend Time Alone

Reflection will not come while surrounded with noise. Take yourself away from friends, family, lovers, schoolwork, work work, etc. Take 30 minutes to have nothing on your plate. During this time, find something peaceful to fill your time that does not also serve as a distraction to the mind. An activity like taking a walk, painting your nails, baking a new treat, etc. Each of these things gets you into your physical body and lets the mind wander, reflect, recharge.

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Take notice of what pops up as you take a step back. Note it. Connect with it. Make sense of it.

Speak Up

No one is a mind reader. Not even the people closest to you will know what you want unless you vocalize it. Start sharing your thoughts, wants, concerns, and needs. You are in the driver’s seat of your life so it’s time to take yourself down the roads you want to go on.

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Tell the person you’ve been hooking up with that your relationship is not serving you anymore. Let that friend know that their actions have hurt you. Communicate with your team lead that your work is feeling unsatisfying. And so on…

Most importantly, admit to yourself that you’re not happy with certain aspects of your life or recurring behaviors. Change the habits that are holding you down and stop harboring guilt over them. The first step of change comes with allowing yourself to voice what needs to be changed.

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Take Action

The final step in accomplishing a goal is actually doing it.

Take those lists, notes, journal entries, thoughts, admissions, and put them to work! If you’re feeling called to volunteer, call that local animal shelter and set up a time to go in. If you’re missing your creative spark, clear your Friday night and buy some wine, paints, and a canvas to explore. If you’re feeling distant from friends, take a walk and call someone that comes to mind.

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You have to start somewhere. Embrace this u-turn! It’s one you’ve been dying for.

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