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You’d Better Stay Away From These 10 Types Of Men

If you’re on the hunt for your soulmate and longing for a partner for life, you will likely have to date a lot to find the right one.

In the process, you will have the opportunity to meet many different types of men. And the good news is that there are many wonderful, fun, and caring men out there.

But be careful, unfortunately there are also many different types of men who you should keep your hands off of and not waste your valuable time.

In hindsight, you may always know better, but it is not always easy to identify a narcissist or an exploiter.

Especially not when it shows all its charms with a glass of wine in a bar and attracts you according to all the rules of the art.

Or maybe you already date one of those types of men who will never make you happy?

You should definitely avoid these 10 types of men so that your heart doesn’t get broken and you don’t regret it later.

1. The narcissist

It is often difficult to spot a narcissist at first sight.

He’s handsome, but he thinks he’s the best looking man in the world.

These men take more time to get ready than any woman. His appearance and his image are important to him and he would like to have a beautiful woman by his side.

His most important goal in life is to be admired and praised by other people.

That is why he mostly neglects his partner because everything has to revolve around him.

A narcissist will never care about your emotional or physical needs, so it would be better to stay away from this type of man.

2. The unwilling to commit

This type of man is a dime a dozen. He likes to date you and loves to go to bed with you, but he will never be ready to bond with a woman.

He is not interested in a long-term relationship, just wants to have fun in life and is always looking for an adventure.

He will surely make up certain reasons for his behavior, such as: B. that a woman broke his heart or that he had a troubled childhood.

Whatever the reason, unless you’re just looking for an affair, you shouldn’t keep dating him.

Although he will be a gentleman at first sight, he will never be able to commit to a woman and give her the security and love she needs.

3. The injured

This type of man has just had a long-term relationship where he has probably been so hurt that he hasn’t got over the pain of breakup.

At this point, he blames all women for all of his problems and frustrations.

He’s available again, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s ready for a new relationship – especially if he’s the one who got dumped.

This man will happily rush into a new relationship just to forget about his ex or get revenge on her, regardless of your feelings or his own.

If he hasn’t finally gotten over the end of the relationship, he’ll never be able to trust you, so you’d better avoid these types of men.

4. The childish one

Having a serious relationship with a childish man can be difficult or even impossible.

Men with Peter Pan Syndrome just don’t want to grow up and are unwilling to take responsibility of any kind.

He doesn’t see a problem in living on his parents’ money or doesn’t mind if his girlfriend pays his bills.

The childish man needs a partner who will take care of him constantly and who will remind him of his few obligations.

He will act like a child and will need his partner to cook and pamper him.

5. The Psycho

Recognizing this type of man is unfortunately not that easy, especially not during the first few dates.

When a man reacts inappropriately to certain situations and gives the impression of being either aggressive, controlling, or dominant, it is a big red flag. 

Did he tell you who to meet and what to wear, or even forbid you to talk to other men?

Controlling types are the ones who try to intimidate you and they are often jealous of your relationships with other people and try.

If a man yells at the waiter for no reason, treats his fellow human beings badly, or is jealous of other men around you, you should keep your hands off him. 

If you feel like the man you’re dating is harassing or manipulating you, it is time to cut off your contact immediately.

You are the only one who can decide what you can and cannot do.

6. The cheater

This type of man has cheated on his exes in the past, and he won’t shy away from cheating and unfaithfulness in the future either.

There is nothing wrong with giving someone you love a second chance, but if so, at least show some remorse.

If he’s just trying to make excuses and unwilling to accept his mistake, then there really is no point in being with him.

A relationship with a cheater will only be stressful and emotionally stressful because he will never be sincere with you and you cannot rely on him.

He has an interest in every woman he keeps an eye on and he has several women by his side.

Even if he’s with you, he’ll openly flirt with other women and even have a relationship with them. So stay away from this guy!

This type of man is a liar and he’ll often make promises he can’t keep, make up stories that aren’t true.

When a man is willingly and willingly cheating on you, it is an automatic red flag that he cannot be trusted, especially since trust is the cornerstone of any happy, fulfilling, and healthy relationship.

7. The player

The player is a man who is very charming, polite and attentive, and who shower you with compliments and gifts.

But that’s just one ploy to impress and get you to bed. He will hide the real self from you and pretend just to get what he wants.

However, if you’re with a gamer, your relationship won’t last long.

Players only want superficial acquaintances and relationships, so he’ll let you know when he’s no longer interested in you or even ghost you to avoid awkward conversations and questions.

If you are looking for a long-term and loving relationship, it is important to let go of this quick-change artist and try to meet someone who is also looking for a deep and meaningful connection.  

For a relationship to work, you need to be able to rely on your partner. And when you’re with a guy who has a tendency to lie and make up things, it’s high time to say goodbye and ditch him.

8. The mother’s boy

To start with, it is not necessarily a bad thing for a man to love his mother and take good care of her.

There is nothing wrong with loving your family and being in close contact with family members.

On the contrary, it can even be a good sign that this man will always care and support you.

But when a man has to call his mother on the phone every day to ask her what to wear or what to eat while he’s with you, it can be a real relationship killer. 

Instead of feeling like his girlfriend and priority number one, you will often end up having to play the role of mother.

When a man is financially or emotionally dependent on his family, those are not good conditions for a healthy relationship.

9. The egoist

Does the guy you go out with seem to think only of himself and only talk about himself?

An egoist tends to put his needs first, showing little interest in you and your passions.

He considers himself the greatest guy in the world and is selfish and arrogant. He won’t shy away from showing you that he is an expert on anything.

While self-confident men are attractive, it’s not particularly attractive to be with someone who has an inflated sense of self and who won’t care about your needs and wants.

10. The exploiter

For this type of man, it’s no problem at all to enjoy themselves and take advantage of you at your expense.

He’ll take you out to dinner and, oddly enough, forget his wallet at home and ask you to pay.

Or he will be short of cash and shamelessly ask you for funds.

You’d Better Stay Away From These 10 Types Of Men
You’d Better Stay Away From These 10 Types Of Men

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