Zodiac Signs

You can surprise any zodiac sign with these dishes

Cooking according to zodiac signs is that easy if you know what makes them tick in culinary terms. A kitchen guide for the twelve signs of the zodiac.


Ibexes know their way around vegetables, they like pretty much everything from broccoli to zucchini. Potatoes are very popular, and they are often sprinkled with butter and sea salt. They prefer light fish to meat dishes, hot fried and extremely spicy foods irritate their sensitive stomachs. Dark chocolate is the purest cure for them.


Fish is her all-time favorite, and Aquarians are most delighted with sushi. Since they do not tolerate wheat well, rice, quinoa or amaranth are combined with crunchy vegetables. Sweet? Necessarily! Imaginative things like mousse au chocolat with chilli or red wine pear with cinnamon ice cream are just what you want.


Vegetable soups, fish, rice, fresh herbs – light and digestible is their motto. Fish also love carbohydrates such as pasta with prawns or rice with chicken and every meal should be finished off with something sweet. What they can’t tolerate: cow’s milk products , citrus fruits and garlic.


They like to eat spicy and hearty, and you can make them happy with a piece of (grilled) meat, baked potatoes and a hearty salad. The energetically high-revving rams need a lot of protein and can already eat scrambled eggs with salmon or beans with sausages for breakfast. You can’t get any laurels with vegetables and fruit, and you can do without dessert.


You have a preference for down-to-earth, hearty cuisine and attach great importance to quality: vegetables and fruit should come from the garden as fresh as possible, meat and fish should be organic. The connoisseurs can also be pampered with Italian pasta dishes, originally prepared and topped with a heavenly dessert such as tiramisu .


The light kitchen is her thing, preferably in the form of finger food. Also good: grilled fish, lean meat such as poultry or veal, with colorful salads. Twins avoid rice and noodles, but they could eat asparagus with parmesan almost every day. They don’t say no to sweets either when ice cream or a fruity sorbet are available .


For them, love goes through the stomach, which is why they want something delicious on their plate: chicken in red wine, a creamy pumpkin risotto or grooved sole. They are sensitive to raw vegetables, cow’s milk and yeast, the better they can tolerate lightly cooked vegetables. They get weak at dessert if they are served panna cotta or filled crepes.


Sole, wild salmon or shrimp – lions are connoisseurs and like fine, small delicacies that don’t make you fat. They don’t eat carbohydrates, especially in the form of wheat. The alternatives are called polenta, light rice dishes with chicken and salad. They love all varieties of fruit, especially the tropical ones.


They particularly value vegetables, often cooked as soup and stew or with tofu in a wok. Virgos often have sensitive intestines, so it is better not to offer them gas such as cabbage and raw vegetables. Legumes, pork and garlic are also not her thing. If you want to score with dessert, you can serve baked banana or pudding with coconut milk.


Libra loves good, light food, whether it is French or Ayurvedic cuisine. The main thing is that all the senses of taste are addressed. Instead of hearty home-style food, you score with grilled fish, crunchy vegetables and colorful lettuce. The dessert can come across as fruity and fresh, like a lemon mousse.


Scorpions like to eat opulent, they like it sweet as well as savory and, please, strongly spiced. If you have a penchant for Arabic and Indian cuisine, you will rave about cauliflower curry, oriental fish skewers or chicken with coriander rice. Be careful with wheat, yeast and sugar, Greek yogurt with honey and nuts is a good dessert.


Spanish, Creole or Thai? Sagittarians love variety, even at the table. Let yourself be surprised with small, refined delicacies such as spicy glass noodle salad, fish appetizers and lemon chicken. They also like vegetables that taste like something. For dessert they are served patties filled with fruit and cream.

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