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How To Improve Your Relationships, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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You are so full of passion that it bursts out of you like lava from a volcano. Sometimes this positive passion shows itself in rough play and arguments and your partner will invisibly get burned. Have patience in learning the ways they express their love and be slightly gentler when you express yours.

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Home is your favorite place to be. It is where you have curated the perfect vibe for relaxation and comfort. However, your partner may want to leave the home and go out on a date. Be willing to stretch your comfort zone. Try to think of them as a source of comfort so that you feel it no matter how far away you are from your sofa.

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There are so many people to talk to and so much to say! Don’t forget to bring your partner into your discussions and truly listen when they speak. You are such a social butterfly who easily cultivates a group of friends. Be sure not to neglect your partner by opting for the occasional group date.

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Your big feelings are genuine, and they can be heavy to carry. Releasing your emotions with your partner is a beautiful thing when it comes from a place of truth, though you know very well how your emotions affect them. Sometimes this leads to tactics of manipulation. Instead, communicate what you need from them directly instead of leading with displays of emotion that are slightly exaggerated

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You know the lavish life you want to live and think that your partner should match that vision. These high expectations for material goods can lead to constant disappointment. Try to recenter your focus on the attention you receive from your partner that comes in the form of loving gestures rather than gifts.

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You want the best for your partner and are willing to help them achieve perfection. But perfection does not exist, not in your partner or even within yourself. Your helpful nature can easily become hyper-critical. To avoid this, let your partner come to you and ask for your help before you offer it.

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You have a lot of love to give, but you don’t have the best attention span. Even in a committed relationship, your attention may want to drift to another person. While your constant flirtatious nature pulls a lot of people towards you, it may also push your partner away. Try to direct your focus, and your flirtations, onto your partner. You will most likely receive it back tenfold.

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Your head is full of secrets, your heart full of mystery. You like it that way. Sometimes, you keep the secrets and mystery within you so well-guarded that nothing else can get in, even love. Try to make room in your life and in your heart by sharing your thoughts with your partner. You may find how much better it feels than keeping everything inside.

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Another place is always calling you. Another country, another culture. Try to stay still for a moment and you may discover something even more interesting than travel—love. Your flighty nature may feel unreliable to your partner. It can also keep you from forming deep connections. So, for a moment, stay still and discover the person right in front of you.

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Your career is important. For you, it may even feel vital. The hyper-focus you have on career growth can stop you from growing your relationship to the deep levels it is capable of. Developing tunnel vision is dangerous and blocks out all the beautiful things around you. To focus on your relationship as well as your career is not a loss but a gain. Prove to yourself that love and labor can coexist.

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Pouring onto others eventually leaves your cup empty. You give so much to others that self-neglect becomes inevitable, especially when it comes to your emotions. You won’t realize what a burden you carry until you let your partner in. You may discover that they can be there for you in the way that you are for others. Even just an honest chat about how you feel and what you need can make all the difference. You will most likely find yourself replenished, your cup full once more.

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The fantasy in your head is beautiful. If you focus more on the real world, you will find beauty there too. You are so good at loving that the feeling itself is better than the reality of the person you’re with. This can leave you roaming from person to person in pursuit of that fairytale feeling you love so much. Try being open to what the relationship offers before getting swept away in the fantasy of what it could be.

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