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Why Each Zodiac’s Biggest Mistake Is Actually Their Biggest Lesson

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It taught you to change your approach.

You are so dedicated and single-minded in your endeavors, Aries, so sometimes the only thing standing in your way is you. Not quitting doesn’t always make you a winner. Your biggest mistake taught you the futility of continuing to do the same thing when you can see it’s not working. The ability to adapt based on feedback is worth more than blind obstinance.

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It taught you not to take things for granted.

You’re typically great at appraising the value of things, Taurus, but there was someone or something you assumed wasn’t worth your time but would be around whenever you needed. Waking up and finding that person or thing was gone from your life taught you to really appreciate everything you have and care for it. There is so much in life to be thankful for, and we can never assume everything will maintain itself. We have to be caretakers.

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It taught you to take care of yourself.

You sacrificed yourself in the name of some greater calling, Gemini. A job, a relationship, a commitment. But you let things go too far and ended up completely burnt out. You kept saying “It’s fine” until you literally had nothing more to give and ended up falling short somewhere else in your life. You learned you can’t run on E, you have to fill up your tank, or everyone suffers. You have to be at your best to give your best.

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It taught you you can’t do it all alone.

You keep things bottled up, Cancer, because you think you have it all under control. You’re the friend everyone comes to with their own problems, but when you found yourself going through a hard time, you thought reciprocating that act of reaching out was beneath you. By the time everyone found out what you were dealing with and made it clear they were there for you, you had already gone through the worst of it. What you needed most was always one call away.

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It taught you not to walk on eggshells.

You pride yourself on manners and social graces. You know how things are done in big groups and small exclusive circles. You used to swear you’d never be caught stepping on anyone’s toes or causing friction, but you learned the hard way that it sometimes can’t be avoided. It’s impossible to spare everyone’s feelings without becoming a liar. It’s impossible to move through life without bumping into someone. It’s better to apologize when necessary than never move out of hesitation.

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It gave you your voice.

You weren’t always this outspoken, Virgo. There was a time when you were timid, when you were afraid to rock the boat when you cared more about fitting in than being able to express how you really felt. You made yourself smaller and quieter until it felt like you were disappearing altogether. Once you were able to break free from this false self, nothing was able to entice you to second-guess your gut again.

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It taught you to take risks.

You’re a member of the clean plate club, Libra. You never neglect your vegetables. You never miss a dentist’s appointment or fail to get your beauty rest. Everything about you screams stability. But you’ve played it so safe at times that you’ve passed up the opportunities that could really provide that financial or emotional security you so crave. Being able to wake up and dedicate yourself to something you love that takes care of the bills.

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It taught you to value honesty.

You think you know better than everyone, Scorpio. And sometimes you do. Your mind moves at an incredible pace, arriving at conclusions about outcomes before people have even made the decision for themselves. You’re just that good. But there have been times when it’s made you too cocky. Made you feel like you could decide what’s best for another person, without letting them see the full picture, but your white lies hurt more than they helped. Honesty is always fair to all parties involved.

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It taught you that life isn’t perfect.

Somewhere in life, you read a book like Anne of Green Gables and it gave you the idea that we’re supposed to love everything in our lives. Our house, our town, and every single person in it. You summarize the good and forget all of the shit Anne talked about Josie Pye and her entire family. There were a ton of unpleasant people and events in that book, and holding yourself to such impossible standards just made you feel guilty for being human.

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It taught you to take ownership.

You have such a strong support system, Capricorn, it was a rude awakening to reach a point in life where other people aren’t as invested in your pursuits. It started to feel like your successes were no different from your failures without anyone to celebrate alongside you. Treating your passions like businesses you are the CEO of gave you the accountability you needed to get back in touch with your own pride. There’s something to be said for doing things for yourself.

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It taught you not to judge.

You made innocent assumptions, Aquarius, based on intel or past experiences. You thought someone was in need who was equipped to ensure their own success, and you saw someone as privileged when they were actually in need of assistance. Being proved so wrong taught you not to jump to conclusions, and that you can make the biggest impact when you allow people the opportunity to tell you about themselves and what’s best for them directly.

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It taught you to have tough conversations.

Your gift of perception means you catch onto things well before anyone else. Red flags at the beginning of a friend’s new relationship, signals your company is headed for financial hardship, tension brewing at home. Nobody wants to hear bad news or look something difficult in the eye, but repeating the mantra “everything is going to be okay”, is just ignoring the problem. That mistake taught you to take the public transit approach: if you see something, say something.

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