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Rating of cold and hot zodiac signs

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Some representatives of the zodiac behave calmly and are alert in any situation. They follow the established rules and try their best to avoid any incidents. But there are those signs of the zodiac that will stop at nothing in the process of achieving the desired. They are ready for anything and rarely think about the consequences of their actions. They don’t care about someone else’s opinion, because they always want to take the maximum from this life.

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Here is a rating of the coolest and hottest zodiac signs.


Gemini is the calmest of all the signs of the zodiac. Usually they remain calm, but even if they lose their temper, then nothing bad happens. They quickly return to their usual mood.

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Aquarians usually behave calmly and relaxed until someone starts to get on their nerves. Should someone do wrong in them, they do not forget this and immediately begin to plan their revenge. Moreover, they are more likely to resort to manipulation than to open and fierce confrontation.

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a lion

Lions love to be in the spotlight and, being representatives of the elements of Fire, are terrible in nature. They love it when every look is riveted only to them and they want everyone around to follow their every move. It is this desire for fame that often forces them to do truly cruel things.

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Scorpions are cunning and treacherous. They can behave jealously and aggressively enough, which in certain circumstances is considered an extremely dangerous combination. Scorpions influence what is happening through the puppets that constantly surround them. Thus, they get away with all the troubles in which they are involved.

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Fish can be extremely quick-tempered and unrestrained, as they often make decisions that do them more harm than good. They often do not think about the consequences of their decisions made in a hurry, as a result of which they allow the situation to develop in a completely unpredictable way.

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Libra rarely does unacceptable things, but once having decided on them, they will stop at nothing. They value compliance with the rules and advocate for justice in any situation, so they always try to call to account those who seek to upset the balance.

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The virgins are smart and insidious. They are completely uncharacteristic of leaving evidence at the crime scene. They are quite secretive, so others usually consider them calm and balanced. In fact, they are stealthily trying to achieve what they want.

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When Capricorns lose their temper, they do not restrain themselves in anything. Some middle state between calm and anger is simply unknown to them. They become so dangerous that they are not even afraid to be caught. As a result, they are easiest to push into something illegal.

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Aries are stubborn and ready for anything to achieve their goals. They are quite power-hungry and do not like when their authority is called into question. In attempts to defend their only true position, they often go from extreme to extreme.

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Sagittarius consider any decision to be final and do not allow skeptics to speak out in this regard. They are completely unpredictable, merciless and vindictive in relation to anyone who doubts their authority. Sagittarius never even abandon decisions made in a hurry.

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Jealous and stubborn Taurus easily lose their temper, so they are rightfully considered one of the hottest representatives of the Zodiac. Taurus are born leaders who often lead their followers into a dead end by choosing the wrong direction. However, once they make a decision, they will not stumble from it and will fiercely uphold it.

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Crayfish are one of the hottest representatives of the zodiac. They always do whatever they want, advice and adverse consequences are rarely able to stop them. They like to live to the fullest and do not take into account the rules established by society. At the same time, they are quite unstable and take any insults too close to the heart.

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