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Which Game of Thrones Character You Are, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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Sagittarius: Arya Stark

Freedom-loving, rebellious, determined, and passionate, fiery warrior Arya Stark is a true Sagittarius in that she is not only literally equipped and talented with a bow and arrow, she does not play by society’s rules. Arya defies gender stereotypes as she becomes a trained and skilled fighter, ultimately (spoiler alert) defeating the worst threat of Westeros. Her pursuit of justifiable revenge and thirst for learning is common for many with the Sagittarius sign. Arya is also a natural explorer as we see her leaving behind the conventional expectations of marriage to sail around the world – perfect for the Sag centaurs who want to roam the earth.

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Taurus: Gendry

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Stable, tough, reliable and dependable, Gendry fits in well with other earthy signs as he is grounded in his core values and always willing to help out his loved ones with his wisdom and resources. His love and loyalty for Arya is one of devotion and service – true to the way a Taurus falls in love, faithful to his partner.

Scorpio: Daenerys Targaryen 

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Many associate Daenerys with fire signs due to her fire-breathing dragons and feistiness and there’s no doubt she certainly has powerful fire sign qualities – but there is something uniquely “Scorpio” about her leadership that cannot be denied. Perhaps it’s the epic visual we see of her in all black with dragon wings behind her or the ruthlessness with which she gains power, but Daenerys emits a dangerous power that cannot be contained.  She transforms whole communities and frees them – yet as we see in the end, she also has the ability to destroy them. Her secretive and reserved demeanor screams the scorpion; her ability to conceal her intentions and true gifts and abilities (the scene where she quietly says, Dracarys to the men disrespecting her and reveals that Valyrian is her mother tongue comes to mind) until they are needed is perfectly aligned with the Scorpio.

Aquarius: Bran Stark

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Bran Stark is a visionary, innovative, prophetic and eccentric character – very much in line with the traits of an Aquarius. He has access to supernatural powers and information others aren’t privy to, allowing him to build a new world. Major Aquarius (as well as some Cancer) vibes.

Leo: Brienne of Tarth 

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Brave, fearless, loyal, and a skilled fighter, Brienne of Tarth epitomizes the lion’s strength and bravery. When you need Brienne, she’ll always be there – and she’ll always put on an epic show defeating your shared enemies. Talk about a true friend.

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Aries: The Hound

The Hound, or Sandor Clegane, is Arya’s mentor, guiding her through her journey of revenge. As one of the fiercest and strongest fighters, he carries major Aries energy as he is both honorable and bold, taking audacious action to defeat his opponents.

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Virgo: Cersei Lannister

Logical, detailed, and detached, Cersei is the ultimate portrait of a Virgo who relies on a plan to get ahead. No one can deny the hard work she puts in to protect her family at all costs.

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Libra: Jon Snow

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Not all were a fan of Jon Snow’s actions in the end of Game of Thrones, but no one can deny that he tried to “play fair” and attempted to prevent Daenerys from going too far despite his love for her. This is Libra through and through – making difficult sacrifices needed to ensure harmony and balance.

Gemini: Margaery Tyrell

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Margaery has both sunny Leo and duplicitous Gemini energy, but because of her ability to play both sides like a fiddle and her powers of persuasion and intellectual conversation, we feel she embodies the Gemini most effectively. She is one skilled politician with a penchant for gossip and climbing the social ladder.

Cancer: Jorah Mormont

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Still waters run deep, and Jorah’s love and deep admiration of Daenerys screams Cancer. Jorah stays fighting for his Queen until the very end, and his emotional protectiveness of her is inspiring to see. Jon Snow could learn a lesson or two from him in loyalty.

Capricorn: The Night King

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Icy Capricorn, you’re not always the villain, but we can’t help but think the Night King showcases your cutthroat coldness and ambition. You are willing to take whatever it takes to rise to power.

Pisces: Missandei 

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Missandei was one of the kindest and most compassionate characters on Game of Thrones, and we think she is perfectly represented by the sensitive Pisces. She served Daenerys until the very end, and we will always honor her service.

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