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4 Zodiacs Who Struggle With Imposter Syndrome

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You have the job you’ve always wanted, and yet you worry that everyone will somehow find out that you aren’t supposed to be there. That fear–called “imposter syndrome”–isn’t based on reality. You actually are qualified to be leading the life you have, whether it’s your job, your relationship, your friend group. But anxiety tells you that you aren’t good enough. You feel like an imposter. Of the entire zodiac, the following four signs deal with imposter syndrome the most.

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Even when they win awards and are praised by everyone around them, Cancer’s go-to status is feeling like they’re not good enough. They worry that they don’t deserve the accolades and that they’ll be disappointing everyone when all those people praising them find out what an imposter they are. They are the classic definition of someone suffering from imposter syndrome, so much so that their picture could show up under the word’s entry in the dictionary. Unfortunately there’s nothing we can say to make them feel more secure–it’s something Cancer has to figure out for themselves.

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Some might be surprised to see Leo on this list. In general, Leos are some of the most confident of the zodiac signs, but there’s one glaring error. If a Leo doesn’t get constant praise, they start to feel like a failure. Their self-esteem and confidence really is that fragile. It isn’t the praise that makes them feel like an imposter, but a pause in the accolades definitely will. They’ll start to wonder if everyone’s changing their minds about them, that they might soon be told they’re not good enough. Constant praise is unrealistic, though, no matter how amazing you are. That means that a Leo will be feeling imposter syndrome on the regular if they don’t start working on their confidence.

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Virgos are notorious for being incredibly hard workers. And they know that they work hard. It’s when they feel like they’re “slacking” that the imposter syndrome starts to kick in. They could take an extra long break at work and suddenly worry that they’re now the worst employee at the company–and that everyone is about to find out. That’s one of the many driving forces of their hardcore work ethic. As long as they never stop, they can never be accused of being an imposter.

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Like Virgo, Capricorns work hard and worry that any slacking would make them look like an imposter. The difference is that even when they’re working incredibly hard and receiving all the accolades that go along with it, they split their time between feeling like they deserve the praise and worrying that maybe they don’t. It’s a tight rope walk that often leaves them with way more stress than they already had.

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