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What Sets Aries Apart? The Top 10 Best Aries Traits

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Fierce, fiery, and unflappable, Aries is one of the most assertive, bold, and outgoing of all the star signs.

A fire sign symbolized by the Ram and ruled by the warrior planet Mars, Aries is like a force of nature that overpowers and outshines everyone in their path.

But as self-assured and self-interested as they are, they are neither self-centered nor selfish. As astrologer Lynn Hayes puts it, “Aries individuals need to be first, but they will want you as a passenger on their adventure ride.”

Ironically, it is their good traits, if taken to their extreme, that become their bad traits.

1. Confident

It’s not just the fact that they’re the first sign in the zodiac that makes Aries such natural-born leaders. It’s that they have such a contagiously positive attitude that they make people want to follow them wherever they go. They have the hopeful and upbeat demeanor that defines all heroes. They are neither unrealistically positive nor needlessly negative—it’s just that they realize an unshakable sense of self is essential for victories both big and small. But although they expect the best, they’re wise enough to prepare for the worst.

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2. Independent

This is the natural result of their boundless, overflowing confidence. Even though Aries will listen to advice and doesn’t mind when others help them reach their goals, they know that if they want something done, they’re always the best person for the job. So even though you can suggest what they should do, you can never tell them what to do. They trust their own instincts, even if they run contrary to majority opinion, and especially if they run counter to authorities’ opinions. Even if it’s a team project and everyone else is sick or slacking off, they’ll carry the dead weight, stay up all night, and get it done.

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3. Charismatic

Gifted by the stars with a magnetic personality, a captivating smile, and a sense of poise usually found only in movie stars, Aries is immensely likable, amiable, and engaging. They relate well to people and have flawless instincts for how to make others feel good about themselves. They are great at sales and the art of persuasion. Yet it rarely comes off as fake or forced. People feel comfortable around them. Aries realizes that all the talent, technology, and hard work in the world won’t amount to much if people don’t like you.

4. Brave

Aries is not only ruled by Mars, the warrior planet—Aries is also the god of war in Greek mythology. So they are always primed for battle. For the Ram, living in a fear is a form of slow death. Audacious, courageous, fearless, and gutsy, they know that all of history’s great advances were made by people who were unafraid of taking risks and going against the status quo. As President Franklin Delano Roosevelt said, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” Sure, there are other things to fear—such as war and disease—but their guiding principle is that aimless fear can often hobble a person far more than whatever it is that they’re fearing.

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5. Energetic

A fire sign whose burning flame never dims, Aries seems like they have enough energy to run a marathon, write a book, rebuild a car engine, and cook a meal for 20 people all in the same day. Dynamic, lively, and vigorous to the extreme, one couldn’t be faulted for thinking they have enough energy to power a major city through a blackout. They are like a perpetual-motion machine that breathes life into everything in their vicinity.

6. Passionate

Novelist Jane Austen said, “To live is to burn, to be on fire.” As a fire sign, Aries takes this to heart. In matters of both love and business, Aries gives it their all. It’s in their nature to go above and beyond, to give 110% in every endeavor. This burning passion extends to things both gravely important and frivolously trivial. For example, they won’t just eat a burrito—they’ll eat the hell out of it. They won’t just watch a TV show—they’ll watch it with such intensity that the actors can somehow sense they’re being watched.

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7. Reliable

In a world so filled with flakes that it often feels like a responsible person can get buried under a blizzard of undependability, you can always depend on Aries. Their word is a golden bond. If they make you a promise, they will deliver on it, and then some. If you lend them money, you never have to worry whether they’ll pay it back. But in all likelihood, they’ll probably be the one lending you money.

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8. Punctual

This is a much more specific facet of their overall reliability. When Aries promises they will be there at 8:00 PM, that’s exactly when they’ll be there barring some sort of natural disaster. In most cases, they’ll make sure to leave a little early in case there’s heavy traffic or any other unexpected inconveniences. They would prefer that everyone else is as considerate and timely as they are, but since they realize this is impossible, they don’t drive themselves nuts over it.

9. Honest

Aries keeps it as real as it gets. They are a living, breathing bullshit detector. You never have to pick apart what they say to figure out what they really mean. If it’s bad news or a negative opinion, they’ll deliver it tactfully, but they won’t sugarcoat it. If it’s good news, they just tell it to you straight up, no chaser. They have the rare ability to be persuasive without being manipulative and to be frank without being cruel.

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10. Empathetic

You wouldn’t expect it from such an alpha personality, but the Ram is one of the most compassionate and kind signs in the zodiac. They are rarely snobby or disdainful toward those who are less fortunate than they are. If you are suffering in any way, they can sense it without you having to say a word. Even if you share the most embarrassing or unflattering secrets with them, you’ll never have to worry that they’ll judge you or gossip about you. They are the perfect balance of strong and kind.

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