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4 Zodiacs With The Strongest Connection To Their Inner Goddess

Some of us let our inner goddesses free, while others needlessly stifle themselves, losing that connection. If you’re one of these four bodacious zodiac signs, you’ve mastered your connection to the goddess within. Each of our goddesses are different, so look up your zodiac sign below, if it’s one of the four, to see how you manifest your connection to your inner goddess.


Your inner goddess is fierce and loyal. You care so much about your tight inner circle of close friends that you’ll do just about anything to protect them. This is when your goddess lets out the bullish horns of the Taurus. When someone becomes a true friend to you, they get to see you for who you really are: An intensely loyal and fun person who creates a warm and comforting environment for those they love.


Your inner goddess is chaotic and magnetic. When you enter a room, all eyes are on you not just because of your fashion or beauty, but because your inner goddess’s energy calls to everyone you see. It’s the natural flirting you’re so innately good at. It’s your enviable skill at making anyone you talk to feel special just for gaining your attention. As you channel that inner goddess, you draw more and more people to you.


Your inner goddess is adventurous and kind. Around you, it’s impossible to get bored. Sure, you can channel your goddess in the traditional Sagittarius way of active adventures and spontaneous travel, but it can also be quiet. You don’t sit well in routine, instead bringing everyone along as you find ways to make every day interesting. And all the while, you’re happy to take people with you.


Your inner goddess is dreamy and romantic. It’s the part of you that yearns for nights under the stars while listening to your favorite music and holding hands with the person you love. It’s the part of you that dreams of big things for yourself–and encourages you to make them happen. As you channel your inner goddess, you get that much closer to finding not only your one true soulmate, but helping the people you care about find their soulmates as well.

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