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Find out what makes you the most insecure and how to fix it once and for all.

In life, each person has certainties that alternate with different forms of insecurities. Some do not feel satisfied with their appearance, those always need the approval of others, those hate to travel, and those are afraid of comparison with others. The reasons to feel insecure there are so many that you could make an endless list. Unfortunately, if some insecurities tend to resolve with time and experience, others tend to be born with us and, however mitigable, they are really difficult to defeat.

Among the many insecurities, some come to us directly from the stars and are destined to remain with us forever. The good news is that each of us has a weakness and that only by making peace with it, it can almost be transformed into a strength or at least into a feature that makes us in some way, nice, cute, special, etc. … What matters is not to get stuck on that insecurity that is so part of us that we cannot go away but to learn to manage it. The energies that we will gain will be very useful to strengthen us in other fields. Therefore, we will try to find out the greatest insecurity of each sign, recognize it, and learn how to treat it.

Find out your greatest insecurity, based on your zodiac sign

Aries – Fear of not being enough
As much as you always try to be at the top and show yourself efficient and busy with a thousand things to do, the feeling that you almost always drag on is that of not having done or shown enough. Appearance is too important to you and this often leads you to risk missing out on the best parts of life. Focusing too much on how others perceive you is a stressful activity that you should strive to put aside as often as possible, focusing only on yourself and on the moment you are living. Others will think of you what they want and this regardless of the efforts you make to prevent it. So why not enjoy life by trying not to give a damn? For the right people, after all, you are already so much more than you think and that’s the only thing that matters.

Taurus – Fear of Looking Inward
Your greatest fear is to look inward and find someone other than the one you have pictured yourself for years. For this reason, you tend to focus too much on others, always trying to listen to them and give them a hand. At the same time, you always have an excuse to keep busy, almost as if you were constantly running away from yourself. The truth is that no one can escape from themself. The right solution, therefore, is to stop and get to know yourself. Whatever person is in there, in fact, the time has come to get to know her, to learn her tastes, and to live according to her needs and inclinations. Maybe it scares you a little, but even if you just try it, you will immediately realize how liberating it can be to be yourself.

Gemini – Fear of not knowing how to deal with loneliness
Always quite convoluted, especially when it comes to relationships with others, your biggest fear is certainly that of being alone with yourself. For this reason, you always tend to make your days full, filling every space with new activities and being able to keep your mind constantly busy. Accepting that you can feel good on your own is perhaps the first step you will need to take to face and overcome your fears. The company of yourself can be more pleasant than you think, even giving you new ideas for personal growth. You just have to learn to stop and know the emptiness that you fear so much and that will instead help you explore parts of yourself that you don’t even know you are.

Cancer – Fear of not being wanted
In need of affection like a few other people, your greatest fear is that of being pushed aside or forgotten. This often leads you to be clingy or oppressive towards others, making you look very different from who you are. The truth is that you are a person that others love to have around but who at times risks being pushed away, precisely because you are the victim of fear, unfortunately atavistic. This is an inner matter that you will most likely carry inside forever. The only way to overcome it, therefore, is to accept it and make it yours. How? Simply by being yourself and admitting your weakness. Others will instinctively feel inclined to give you more attention, certainly more than they do when you sulk for seemingly no reason, creating unnecessary tension.

Leo – Fear of failing
Your strong and combative character hides your deepest fears in a big way, making you appear as a person who is perpetually confident and completely free of uncertainties. The truth is that inside you have everyone’s fears and among these the greatest is that of failing. A bit absurd given that in general, you tend to emerge victorious from every undertaking in which you immerse yourself. For once, however, it would be nice to commit oneself to something that is felt from the bottom of the heart, without calculating the possibility of success. Life, after all, is not only a great battle but also a canvas to paint with the colors you love the most. If you learn to do things you love, just for the fun of it, you will find that sometimes you can be happy even without always excelling in everything and this, little by little, could ease your fear of failure.

Virgo – Fear of losing your way
For you, life is an elaborate pattern to be executed perfectly. Every slightest change generates anxiety and frustration in you and all just because inside you hide a great fear of losing your way. The truth is that every day, millions of people change their way, always finding a way to get to their destination. You will have succeeded several times, only you tend to forget it, letting your fears guide you. Try to observe others and the serenity with which they accept every day to compromise with life itself. This does not mean losing the way but making oneself less rigid and more adaptable to alternative routes which, many times, can be the quickest solution to reach the point where you want to arrive.

Libra – Fear of accepting reality
For you, life is something that you constantly embellish to make it appear pleasing to both your eyes and those of others. The fear of what others might think is always behind the door but it arises above all because the judgment you are most afraid of is your own. Being less rigid with yourself and with others would help you to make empathy yours. In this way, and only after having learned to accept even the defects, will you be able to grasp the beauty of the unexpected and imperfection, forgiving yourself for any mistakes and learning to enjoy things in their simplicity? An exercise that is not always easy but that will lead to fruits that you will discover to be tastier than expected.

Scorpio – Fear of Losing Control
True, part of your fascination comes from your self-control and the confidence with which you are used to exposing your theories. The same security that you always try to demonstrate in everything you do and which, absurdly, is also the cause of your greatest insecurity, that of losing control. For you, letting go is perhaps the hardest thing ever. Appearing fragile, as you often feel, scares you. Yet, showing some weakness from time to time would end up bringing you closer to others, highlighting your human side, and leading you to have more real contact with the people you love.

Sagittarius – Fear of entrusting yourself to others
In life, you are used to doing everything alone and this is because within you you have a great fear of being disappointed by others. Of course, perfection does not exist and the possibility of delegating to others without success is just around the corner. But every mistake also serves as a lesson, and learning to understand who you can and cannot trust would make you more confident about your relationships. Try starting small, just to test the waters. You will discover that involving others also strengthens human relationships and gives a sense of fullness that alone is also enough to make you forget any mistakes in your path.

Capricorn – Fear of disliking
Although you keep repeating the opposite, pleasing others is one of the most important things to you. For this reason, you often tend to change the reality of things, telling a revised and correct version of it but which often tends to stray too far from the truth. A way of doing that once emerged can create much more problems than simply being oneself, with strengths and weaknesses that others would certainly understand better than a lie. To overcome your fear, therefore, you will have to work first of all on yourself, putting yourself on the line and forcing yourself to a sincerity to which you are perhaps no longer used but which you will discover to be particularly reassuring.

Aquarius – Fear of being disappointed
In life, you often tend to seem detached and immersed in a world of your own. This depends, in particular, on your fear of being disappointed in others and in life itself. A fear that pushes you to isolate yourself or avoid situations that you consider “dangerous”. The truth is that it would be enough for you to accept the possibility of the failure of others to live better. Of course, perhaps things will not always be as you imagined them but being able to live them seriously and not only in your head will give them a fuller flavor that you will be able to appreciate over time. It doesn’t cost that much to try, right?

Pisces – Fear of criticism
Just the thought of having shortcomings makes you freak out. In life, you tend to accept the defects of others but you have a hard time grasping and making peace with yours. This leads you to fear the judgment of others too often, making you appear insecure when your only purpose is not to hurt others. Try to think a little bit more about yourself and not hurt yourself by isolating yourself or forbidding yourself from being yourself. You will discover that others can live very well with disappointments and that being yourself will only lead you to get closer to the right people for you, greatly improving the quality of your life and making you, step by step, more and more confident.

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