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3 Zodiacs With The Most Eccentric Hearts

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Sagittarius, you have an untethered and wild spirit like no other. It leads you to be exactly who you are which is why you tend to have a personality that’s a bit more eccentric than most. You take the path less traveled, express yourself wholly, and do just what you want to do. Your style is bold and your humor is gregarious. Your heart is as eccentric and unique as ever.

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Aquarius, you are the entrepreneur of the zodiac because your mind conceives of ideas never thought of before. You’re never afraid to be bold and stand up for what you believe in. You trust your gut and lead your life with confidence which tends to stray from the norm. You never follow the status quo and wear, do, say, create whatever strikes you at the moment. Your empowering nature to be entirely you is what makes you an eccentric zodiac heart.

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Leo, you were born to stand out. You love a stage to stand on and shine with all your might. Your heart lives on your sleeve and you ache to express all that’s on your mind. Your style is a bit quirky as are your interests but that’s because you were never meant to blend in. You are you and no one can mistake you otherwise. Your fierce approach to life and self is what sets you apart and makes your heart incredibly eccentric.

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