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What Etsy Product Each Zodiac Should Sell

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Are you thinking about opening an Etsy shop, but aren’t sure which product you should sell? Your zodiac sign can guide you in many areas of your life, including the kind of business you should start! Your astrological sign’s personality traits can lead you to the perfect items to make (or curate) and sell on Etsy. Here’s what you may have a natural talent for creating and marketing online, based on your zodiac sign

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Aries: Ceramic Mugs

Aries people are very physical and don’t mind making a mess – in fact, they are known for it! Getting their hands dirty and working with clay is a great mental and physical outlet for this zodiac sign. They will enjoy the workout of molding clay for hours, and it will develop their patience (perhaps their greatest weakness). Plus, they get to flex their creativity by choosing shapes and painting designs – not to mention this fire sign would get a thrill out of working with a kiln!

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Taurus: Candles

Taurus people are very sensual and enjoy products that appeal to multiple senses. They enjoy self-care and spoiling themselves, and they appreciate the finer things in life. You can trust that any candle made and sold by a Taurus is going to be high-quality, long-lasting, beautifully packaged, and deliciously fragrant. They have a strong work ethic and excellent taste, and they would use these skills to make the best candle you’ve ever burned.

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Gemini: Phone Cases

Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication and intellect. This adaptable air sign loves meeting people and talking for hours about exciting new ideas. They always have their phones on them, so it only makes sense that Geminis should create and sell a line of phone cases on Etsy. Their phone cases would be attractive yet functional, with unique designs and functional accessories.

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Cancer: Photo Frames

Cancer is a water sign, and water signs tend to be sensitive, emotional, and nostalgic. They adore looking through old photos and reminiscing on happy times. Cancer also rules the fourth house, the house of home and family. This zodiac sign would delight in making beautiful photo frames for customers to decorate their homes. Cancers are also quite creative, so they would come up with some unexpected and clever ideas for frames.

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Leo: Vintage Clothing

Leo is one of the most self-confident zodiac signs, especially when it comes to their appearance. They have impeccable taste and know what looks good, so they love shopping for high-quality vintage clothing. With their discerning eye, they can spot the coolest old-school band tees and timeless accessories. Helping others elevate their style with a curated clothing collection on Etsy would be a dream for Leos.

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Virgo: Pet Apparel and Accessories

Virgos tend to be shy and anxious, and they often get along better with people than animals. They’re the ones at the party making friends with the host’s dog, and they tend to spoil their pets. Making adorable gifts for their furry pals comes naturally to Virgos, and profiting from this hobby on Etsy is just a bonus. They are also very precise and work hard at everything they do, so any pet clothing they make would be stylish, comfortable, and functional.

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Libra: Jewelry

Libra is guided by Venus, the planet of love, art, money, and beauty. Thanks to Venus, Libras enjoy adorning themselves and being surrounded by expensive, beautiful things. They see clothing and accessories as not only attire but also an art form. It’s easy to picture Libras surrounded by shiny beads and sparkling pendants, making gorgeous pieces of jewelry to sell on Etsy. They have incredible taste, and their designs would sell out quickly.

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Scorpio: Spell Kits

Scorpio is the witchiest sign of the entire zodiac. They are unique and a bit dark, so their products have to match their distinctive personality. Scorpios could get in touch with their magical side to create spell jars, custom sigils and incantations, and other witchy items to sell on Etsy. They would quickly grow a coven of followers who eagerly return to their shop for the latest updates.

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Sagittarius: Luggage

Sagittarius is the zodiac sign of the traveler, and nothing makes Sagittarians happier than heading to the airport for their next trip. As experienced jet-setters, Sagittarians have a realistic idea of what people want and need in luggage. They are also fun and feisty, so they would probably come up with clever and unique designs. Besides suitcases and carry-on bags, Sagittarians could extend their Etsy line to include cute passport holders, coin purses, and handbags.

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Capricorn: Office Supplies

Capricorn is the hardest-working and most ambitious zodiac sign. Capricorns spend most of their time at the office, so they can recognize high-quality office supplies. Their planners, folders, pens, and stationery sets would be elegant, and useful, and have a special twist that makes them stand out. They wouldn’t make cutesy little notebooks with cartoon characters on them – they are more likely to sell genuine leather-bound journals that CEOs would proudly display on their desks.

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Aquarius: Crystals

Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, the planet of innovation and revolution. Thanks to Uranus, Aquarians are one step ahead of everyone else – they set trends and are the first to try new concepts. This zodiac sign loves crystals and embraces them as a natural wellness tool. Aquarians could curate a stunning collection of powerful crystals and do special ceremonies to charge them. They could also take up crystal engraving to make one-of-a-kind pieces of art.

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Pisces: Bath Bombs

Pisces is both a water sign and represented by the fish, so it makes sense that Pisces people feel at home in the water. Whether swimming in the ocean or lounging in the tub, water energizes and heals this zodiac sign. They enjoy luxurious bath products to enhance their soak, so they know what makes a good bath bomb. Pisces people are also quite artistic, and they would make bath bombs with surprising colors and delightful fragrances

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