Zodiac Signs

Which Holiday Activity You Are, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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Aries: Ice Skating

Always eager for action, Aries, the perfect holiday activity for you is found in the the thrill of skating on a freshly-zambonied ice rink. Your competitive side will enjoy the chance to playfully race your friends or attempt new tricks on the ice. It’s the perfect activity for a scenic solo holiday or a gathering with friends and family. Plus, there’s always the chance to grab some hot chocolate and seasonal pastries afterwards.

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Taurus: Baking Holiday Treats

Taurus, your love for comfort translates into baking and decorating festive treats.  It’s the perfect way to bring warmth (and delicious smells) into your space this holiday season – and it also gives you a yearly tradition to enjoy. Your sign tends to be a great cook, so the treats you bake will definitely be enjoyed by everyone you share them with.

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Gemini: Hosting a Holiday Party

As the social butterfly, Gemini, you’d definitely be a pro at hosting a holiday get-together. Always looking out for those around you (and making sure their glasses stay full), you’d bring a lot of extra cheer to the wintertime. You’re great at navigating conversations, mingling with friends and family, and choosing the best playlist to keep the party going.

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Cancer: Binging Holiday Movies

You love a good comfort movie, Cancer, especially if you get to enjoy it with your loved ones. There’s no better annual holiday tradition for you than binging all your favorite holiday movies. Whether you’re in the mood for a little holiday romance or just want a lineup of animated holiday classics, this is the perfect way for you to enjoy a night of nostalgia and relaxation.

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Leo: Caroling And Holiday Performances

Leo, you are the dazzling performance of the season, whether you’re attending the theater or putting on a show for the entire neighborhood to enjoy. You’re not afraid to share your talents with the crowd, which makes you an ideal candidate for leading a caroling group door to door during the wintertime. Or, you might enjoy participating in a winter show to bring a little light to the audience during the coldest months of the year. Your flair for the dramatic and passion for the spotlight makes every holiday event with you feel like a standing-ovation-worthy production.

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Virgo: Decorating For The Holidays

You love the chance to decorate your space for the holidays, Virgo. Not only are you organized enough to have specific decorations for each season, but your sense of design and logical mind makes holiday decorating a breeze. You also love a good holiday DIY, and your attention to detail means all your homemade projects look professionally done.

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Libra: Holiday Market Shopping

Charming and social Libra, you embody the spirit of holiday market shopping. Everyone knows you’ve got an eye for aesthetics, and you’re a pro at finding the best deals as you browse holiday stalls. Whether you’re shopping for gifts or decorations, you can check everything off your list and enjoy the chance to bring a few friends along for the ride.

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Scorpio: Winter Walks

Introspective Scorpio, you’re perfectly matched with the deep reflection of solitary winter walks. You can pull out your winter boots or take the opportunity to go snowshoeing and hit the most untouched winter hikes around. You always appreciate the chance to enjoy the scenery and take a moment away from the holiday hustle and bustle to recharge. If you happen to stumble across a big hill, though, you’ll probably take the chance to go sledding.

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Sagittarius: Prepping a Holiday Feast

Sagittarius, when you’re home for the holidays, you love to find an excuse to bring all of your loved ones together. What better way to explore a hobby this winter and host a holiday gathering? You love testing out new seasonal recipes and exploring the best holiday dishes to enjoy. Don’t shy away from showing off your cooking skills and creating a few new festive memories with those close to you.

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Capricorn: Organizing Holiday Gatherings

Capricorn, your knack for leadership shines in organizing events. You are the backbone of holiday galas and family gatherings, ensuring that every detail is accounted for and each tradition upheld with reverence and cheer. Your family’s and friends’ parties would never survive without you, Capricorn, so take pride in the fact that you’re simply a pro at finding the best place to party, managing the invites, and keeping everyone on track for potlucks.

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Aquarius: Holiday Gift-Giving

Aquarius, you’re all about community, and you love a chance to celebrate those close to you. You’re an innovative person, and your thoughtful gifts are appreciated by those you love. One strong love language for your sign tends to be gift-giving, and you enjoy the chance to show those close to you your appreciation for them. Your love of volunteering also gets a kick during the winter, as you tend to make plenty of holiday donations.

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Pisces: Creating Handmade Gifts

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Artistic Pisces, you pour your heart into creating handmade gifts. Your sign tends to go for creative hobbies that leave you with a lovely art product to enjoy after your work is over; during the holidays, this means you have the perfect opportunity to gift your loved ones with something homemade. Your presents are unique and made with care, giving you plenty of crafts to work on during the holiday season.

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