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What Each Zodiac Sign Does When Their Partner Leaves Them Before They’re Ready

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Aries are vengeful and competitive by nature so it’s no surprise that they will try to seek revenge after a breakup to make their ex jealous in every possible way. For example, getting into a new relationship shortly after the breakup or flaunting their new fling. It’s their way of making their ex regret what they did and come chasing after them.

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Taurus individuals love their routine and stability, so a breakup can shake that foundation for them. Taurus may initially try to hold on to their ex in order not to change the dynamic of their life and go back to being single. However, if they feel like that there is no hope left in the relationship, Taurus will cut off all communication with their ex, unfollow their ex’s friends, and move on with their life once and for all.

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Geminis are known for their sense of humor and their sarcasm, so they will use these weapons to get back at their ex by publicly shaming them on social media or sharing breakup memes and jokes bashing their ex. They may also engage in mind games or send a few breakup songs to their ex when they’re drunk.

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Cancers are not really vengeful, so they choose to take the high road when someone does them wrong. Sometimes, though, Cancer will let their ex know how disappointed and hurt they are in a long text message to make their ex feel guilty for what they’ve done. They may also try to reconnect with their ex to seek closure or have one last conversation and one last hug.

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Leos are prideful and they hate losing, so a breakup can really bruise their ego. They may try extra hard to flaunt their success and achievements. They may also hook up with a bunch of people to seek attention and validation from others to boost their self-esteem (and let their ex know that they’re already over the breakup and living their best life).

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Virgos are private when it comes to their relationship and they hate sharing details about their personal life. However, when it comes to breakups, they may spill a few secrets to make sure everyone knows they did their part and it was their ex who messed up. They care about how people view them and they may try to protect their image by airing their ex’s dirty laundry.

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Libra may actually be the most civilized sign when it comes to handling breakups and rejection and may befriend their ex after the breakup (even if things didn’t end on a good note). They know how to swallow their pride and bite their tongue to keep the peace and harmony, so they may try to make amends with their ex to make sure there are no hard feelings and they can be friends again.

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Scorpios are passionate and can be a bit obsessive when they love someone, so breaking up with them is never final because they will keep coming back for more. Scorpio will never truly let an ex go when they’re not ready. They may stalk their ex and show up at their gym or their favorite bar to make sure their ex never forgets them. They will be involved in their ex’s life somehow and stop them from dating other people because they’re not ready for their ex to move on and be with someone else just yet.

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Sagittarius values their freedom and independence, so a breakup is not the end of the world for them. They may let their ex go very easily, without trying to fight for the relationship. They will fill the void by traveling more and focusing on doing things solo again. They will enjoy their freedom and do the things they couldn’t do when their ex was in the picture.

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Capricorns are always challenging themselves, especially when everyone is expecting them to fall. As such, a breakup may be a source of motivation for them to work harder, focus on their career, or achieve a new personal goal. They have a “me, myself, and I” mentality when people give up on them and they will make sure they rise above any challenges or pitfalls.

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Aquarius doesn’t like to show emotions when it comes to loss or rejection, so they may seem unfazed or cold in the beginning. This is only a defense mechanism, however. They will distance themselves and avoid their ex at all costs, and they will never let their ex know how much they’re hurting. They will always seem like they’re doing fine. They will let everyone know that they’re happy and ready to date again (even if it’s not true).

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Pisces are sensitive and emotional. When they get attached to someone, losing that person can feel like death to them. They may feel deeply hurt and betrayed by their former partner, and may even blame themselves for the relationship’s failure. They will try to “fix” the relationship a few times before they completely give up. After their relationship ends, it might take them years to get over it, if they ever do. However, they tend to be quite forgiving so they may eventually forgive their ex and move on or forgive them and give them a second chance.

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