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3 Zodiac Signs Who Need Alone Time (But Struggle To Ask For It)

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Taurus individuals make the most loyal and loving friends or partners. They bring an energy and radiance that’s extremely calming to those around them which is why the people they love crave their presence. In turn, Taurus folks grow very attached to the people in their life and want to make sure they do right by the people they love. However, this desire to be as dependable as possible can sometimes make Taurus forget the one thing they desperately need to recharge: alone time.

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Taurus, it is admirable how well you take care of those you love. However, remember to replenish yourself too and take part in the activities you love doing alone (art, listening to music, cooking, etc.). Taking time for yourself will only fuel your friendships more as it recharges your being and makes you more you.


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Geminis may often find themselves restless; unable to fill their days with enough to fill their cup. This stems from Gemini’s infectious charisma that constantly draws in new friends, spontaneous conversations, and exciting experiences. They are versatile and adaptable, meaning they thrive in many different environments that let each part of their soul shine. However, all of this outgoing effort leaves Geminis feeling quite exhausted at times. Taking a break to recharge their minds and bodies would be greatly beneficial to a charming Gemini, but that’s something they rarely ask for.

If you are a Gemini, know that it’s okay to slow down every once and while. Life is long and full of new places, people, and moments that will spark joy and fill your heart. Be patient. Enjoy some time on your own—  it will refresh you.


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Libra—  a sign that is truly easygoing and down to earth. Their harmonious nature and gentle affection for the ones they love is what leads them to have a large community throughout their life; along with many admirers. Eager to keep their life balanced, it’s common for a Libra to stretch themself too thin and commit to spending time with too many people.

If you are a Libra, know that the people closest to you always feel your love and care. It’s okay to take a break, restore your stability, and nurture yourself for a change. Practice setting boundaries and carving out some necessary alone time within the larger harmonious picture of your day-to-day life.

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