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What Each Zodiac Needs To Hear Before Starting The New Year

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In the new year, you need to make a serious effort to think before you act. Your words and actions have consequences, but you know this because your impulsive nature has pushed people away. You’re bold and carefree, sometimes to a dangerous extent in which you don’t consider the feelings of others, or even your own safety. Not everything warrants an inflamed response. Sometimes it’s more important to consider other people than it is to step on them in order to get ahead of the game. Your loved ones don’t deserve to be your punching bag.

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Let it go, Taurus. Just let it go already. The heartbreak and pain. The ex who you thought you would spend the rest of your life with but abandoned you. The way things used to be. It’s time to let go of the past to usher in a new era. Stop dwelling on things that have come and gone, on things that will never be, on things that were never meant to be. You’ve been feeling stuck but it’s only a matter of your own doing. You are where you are because you’re so afraid of change. You don’t truly miss the people and things you think you miss. You’re only longing for familiarity, for what’s comfortable, for what once felt safe. Embrace the unknown, Taurus.

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You need to work on carving out a space for yourself this year. A place where you can get the space you so desperately need. A place to unwind. A place that’s for only you. You live such a fast-paced life and juggle so many responsibilities. This past year really took its toll on you and you’ve been feeling worn down and weary. It’s because you rarely ever take the time to slow down and just be still. Make it a point this new year to take the time to process life, your thoughts, and needs. Create a solitary and quiet place for yourself where you can reflect or do things like finally getting to that large TBR pile.

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Sometimes you aren’t the victim, Cancer. It’s sometimes you who is the actual problem. This new year, let it be the year that you stop victimizing yourself to get out of the responsibility of taking accountability. Your past trauma, the ways you’ve been hurt, and your pain don’t grant you the permission to inflict harm on others. Because you’re so highly emotionally intelligent and adept at reading other people, you’re able to emotionally manipulate others to benefit your narrative of a situation. You exploit the perception others have of you of an empathetic and sensitive person to deflect your guilt. This isn’t to say that you aren’t those things, but to say that sometimes you can be the bully too.

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That fear you have of not being admired or noticed sometimes causes you to put up a facade of someone you’re not. You don’t have to be loved and adored by everybody to matter, Leo. In fact, people will think more highly of you if they get the raw, unedited, and real version of you. Someone as talented, bright, confident, and shiny as you could never go underappreciated. Drop the act in the new year, Leo.

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Stop obsessively nitpicking others, Virgo. You like to think of yourself as hyper-observant and critical, as someone who has high standards, but the truth is that sometimes you’re just disgustingly judgmental. Maybe instead of placing all the effort you place into criticizing others, you can place that energy into focusing on yourself. Yes, people suck, people can be terrible, and people are two-faced. But people are also mean, and sometimes that includes you, Virgo. Give others—and yourself—a little more grace.

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A relationship isn’t the most important thing, Libra. This new year you should prioritize yourself and work on figuring out why you have such an intense fear of being alone. For too long now, you’ve searched for the harmony and balance you so deeply crave in other people. Those things can only be found from within. A partner should only enhance them. You so badly want to be part of a “we” that you’ve allowed yourself to be molded into someone you’re not in order to appease another person. You’ve rationalized away the ways in which you’ve been mistreated. You’ve even gone against your own values to make the wrong relationship work. You won’t find the right love until you learn how to be comfortable in your own solitude.

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There’s nothing you desire more than true emotional intimacy and the more that time goes on the less hopeful you feel that you’ll find it. You’ve convinced yourself that the passionate once-in-a-lifetime true love that you want is no longer in the cards for you. Scorpio, you have let yourself become so jaded by the disappointments and betrayals of your romantic history. Love has hardened you up and transformed you into someone impenetrable. The reason you’re not finding love is because you go out of your way to avoid it. You get entangled with “safe” people who could never match your depth and push away those you get close to. Until you stop refusing to let anyone in, love will remain a dream. It’s in you to find it. Stop fearing that which you want the most.

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You need to start expressing a little bit more emotions when it comes to the people who you love the most. In the new year you should make a big effort to show people that you care. You live such an independent, spontaneous, jam-packed, and busy life that the people in your life sometimes tend to feel forgotten. It’s important to take space for yourself when you have the time to unwind, but it’s also important to carve out time for those you love.

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You need to start practicing letting go of control, Capricorn. In 2023, start prioritizing other areas of your life outside of your professional life and pursuits. You’re so afraid of failure that it drives everything you do and everything you restrict yourself from. You pressure yourself so much on self-imposed deadlines to cross off your “Life To-Do List” that you don’t take the time to actually live a life. Start doing more fun things. Start enjoying more time to do the things you want to do. Start using that PTO. Start being a little more spontaneous. Surprise yourself a little more in the new year and make memories that will last you for an entire lifetime.

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For the humanitarian that you are, you really need to work on having more consideration for those closest to you. While you’re isolating yourself to work on innovative ways to make the world a better place, while you’re fighting for the social causes you care about, while you’re out there living your best life on your own time, there are people who question what importance they hold in your life. You tend to disconnect from those you love and assume no one will miss you or become worried. Not everyone has the same need of spending time alone. Try to consider your most beloved more. Also make an attempt to emotionally express how much they mean to you and how grateful you are for them.

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Pisces let 2024 be the year that you put your all into your creative passions and pursuits. If you sit and reflect, then you can admit that your creative means of expression is what brings you the most joy and makes you feel the most fulfilled. Your talent deserves to be recognized. You owe it to yourself to prioritize that area of your life more. Make it your mission to set aside time and dedicate your free days to nurturing your artistic passions. The things you create have the power to make an impact on the world and to resonate with other people—it matters.

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