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4 Zodiacs Who Need A Deep Emotional Bond In Relationships

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It’s no surprise that Pisces requires a deep emotional bond in their relationships—they are, after all, perhaps the most emotional sign in the entire zodiac. The truth is that Pisces may crush on people easily, but love is a different game for them, because without a deep connection, they couldn’t fathom truly devoting themselves to someone. They want to feel seen and understood, almost as if their partner can feel exactly what they do. Pisces want to believe wholeheartedly that their person could be their soulmate—and they can’t do that unless their connection feels deep and unbreakable.

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Cancers may be hopeless romantics at heart, but they aren’t the kind of people who can throw themselves into a relationship unless they truly feel like they have a connection with their person. Physical attraction only goes so far for them, because under their shell, Cancers are truly the softest people—and because of their softness, they have to believe the person they’re letting in would never want to hurt them. It’s only when they feel safe and emotionally close to someone that they’ll truly be able to love them openly.

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Capricorns often get a lot of flak for not being emotional, but the truth is that their love life is the one place this generally doesn’t apply. While they often seem hard and even cutthroat to the rest of their world, their partner knows the truth: they are often some of the softest, sweetest humans alive. But they aren’t willing to show that to just anyone, and they have to feel a deep connection with you before they’re willing to let you in enough to understand just how far they’ll go for the people they love. Without an emotional connection, they simply do not feel safe enough to truly commit to a relationship.

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Scorpios are a lot more emotional than people give them credit for—probably because they prefer the world doesn’t know that about them. They feel deeply, and because of that, they feel the need to protect themselves from anything that could hurt them. That’s why a deep emotional bond is so important to them in relationships—they need to feel like they know you completely before they can truly trust you with their heart. They want to know that you see them for who they are and still want to be with them. Love isn’t a lighthearted thing for them, so they’ll only give you their loyalty once they feel completely connected to you, heart and soul.

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