Zodiac Signs

What Destiny Lies Ahead For Your Zodiac Sign This Year & Beyond?

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We’re all searching for our purpose. Moving from day to day wondering why am I here; what am I destined for; which path should I choose?

The truth is that we are all on this earth to fulfill a unique fate. No two people are the same and it’s our job to embrace all of the singularities about ourselves that make us special and to honor them.

So, what secret mission is your soul leading you on? Astrology has all the answers. Read on to find out your core purpose in life based on your Zodiac sign.

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March 21st – April 19th

As the first sign, Aries is all about new beginnings and leadership. Their adventurous spirit drives them to break barriers.

Career: Being based in fire, Aries are extremely determined and charismatic people who best feel fulfilled when functioning as the head of a team. Their mission in life is to reach new heights in whatever industry they’re a part of; they’re consistently on the cutting edge of what’s to come. Not to mention, their loyalty and care for the people around them helps them to nurture a wonderful team synergy where all members feel united and treasured.

Love: Aries are incredibly passionate and playful, which often leads them to have many lovers throughout their lifetime. An Aries purpose when it comes to love is split: some find fulfillment in being whole-heartedly independent while others need a long-term love. Just be sure to stay true to what your heart is telling you and to never ignite a fire with the wrong person as that will only distract you from your inner path.

Family: Aries thrive when surrounded by folks they care about. They often curate large friend groups that help them maintain their active and vibrant lifestyle. Not to mention, they are very close with their family and would never turn their back on those that made them who they are today. Should they settle down with a partner, it’s likely they’ll have many children that they fiercely love.


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April 20th – May 20th

Taurus is known for stability and grounding, ensuring things are preserved and nurtured for the future.

Career: A Taurus’ down-to-earth and practical mindset makes them incredibly reliable workers. They are able to objectively improve any company they work for by making sure all initiatives are impactful and sustainable. That being said, Taurus’ are very in tune with their senses and feel the most fulfilled in creative fields where they can work with their hands and engage with the world in a fully realized manner.

Love: Taurus’ love to give love and be loved, meaning, they thrive in long-term, committed relationships. For some time they may buy into a casual dating lifestyle filled with sensual fun and explorative pleasure, but it never leaves them feeling whole. In the end, a Taurus feels most aligned with their purpose when caring for a partner that equally loves and supports them.

Family: Whether their circle is large or small, they truly take the time to make everyone in their life feel loved. Because they are patient, loyal, and reliable, Taurus’ make incredible parents, partners, and friends. They make sure to slow down, understand who you are and what you care about, and try their best to always make you feel included and heard. Family is important to a Taurus; that’s a given.


May 21st – June 20th

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With their dual nature, Geminis are adept at connecting various points of view and facilitating communication.

Career: With their amiable and magnetic personalities, Geminis thrive in any career setting where they can connect and communicate with those around them. They’re amazing in social situations because they have the ability to resonate with a variety of people and personality types. If you have a Gemini worker, put their strengths to use and have them in a role where they’re free to chat; trust me, it’ll pay off.

Love: People often mistake a Gemini’s friendliness for flirtatiousness when it comes to relationships, leading many to think they’re not the commitment type. However, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. While Geminis love connecting with a multitude of people, at the end of the day they are loyal lovers that want to settle down with one partner. Geminis just need to be sure they find the right companion that can match their social energy, not challenge it.

Family: Most Geminis keep a large circle of loved ones as they are constantly seeking new connections to maintain their love for socializing. However, when it comes to family life, their network is best kept small for at the end of a long day, they want to recharge with people they know intimately. They’ll most likely only have one to two children if they have children at all and their affectionate, playful spirit will make them incredibly engaging parents.


June 21st – July 22nd

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Cancer, ruled by the Moon, has a deep urge to care for and shelter others, making their home a safe space.

Career: Cancers thrive in a cozy, homey space where they can fuel their creative ambitions. This is why WFH culture has been a game changer for Cancers who often view themselves as homebodies. Not to mention, Cancers have an innate ability to empathize with others which frequently lands them in careers that work diligently on impactful issues regarding mental health, world affairs, etc. They feel most fulfilled when helping others feel nurtured while also keeping themselves relaxed in a familiar environment.

Love: Cancers are known to be bleeding hearts which is why they typically keep their guard up when getting to know new lovers. Partners typically find it tricky to fully break down a Cancer’s walls, but once they do they come to find just how sincere, loyal, and thoughtful a Cancer can be in love.

Family: A Cancer will ruthlessly defend their family and loved ones because they are extremely faithful to the people they care for. If they have children, expect them to be worry-warts as they are capable of loving very deeply and sympathizing more profoudnly than the average person. However, the fact of the matter is, if you have a Cancer close to you in life, you will never go a day without knowing how much they love you.


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July 23rd – August 22nd

Just as the Sun rules Leo, they shine brightly, inspiring others with their passion and enthusiasm.

Career: Leos love to take center stage. Their creative talents, bold confidence, and attention-seeking habits make the perfect trifecta to land them in jobs where they can stand out. Leos feel most fulfilled in careers where they can be artistic and free-spirited. Not to mention, they thrive in leadership positions where they can let their inner lion take charge and connect with a team.

Love: Love is tricky for Leos as they are not afraid to say exactly what they feel. Their emotional courage has a tendency to scare off many lovers who aren’t willing to be so vulnerable so soon. However, when they find the right person, a Leo’s love is unmatched. While they love receiving affection, they also love to give it and will never stray from their partner; their loyalty is something fierce.

Family: A Leo’s big heart and sunny personality attracts many friends throughout their lifetime. Not to mention, their love and pride for their family is unwavering. Leos love running with their large pack of loved ones and many aim to have many cubs of their own. They often find themselves to be the glue of their family or friend groups and will protect the ones they love always.


August 23rd – September 22nd

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Detail-oriented Virgos have an intrinsic need to improve, serve, and bring healing wherever they go.

Career: Virgos are incredibly meticulous and have a tendency to be perfectionists. They feel most fulfilled in career paths that have tangible goals and jobs that maintain structured routines for them to progress on day-to-day. However, due to a Virgo’s hardworking mindset and determined work ethic, rest assured they will perform well and succeed at any job they’re put in.

Love: Due to their perfectionist tendencies, it can be hard for Virgos to find the right match. This often leads to them having a few flings before really committing themselves to love and partnership. Not to mention, a Virgos desire to be faultless, makes it extremely hard for them to be vulnerable with someone and trust that they can rely on someone else for support and comfort. However, while it make take some time for a Virgo to let the walls down, the wait is well worth it. On the other side, partners will discover a Virgo’s generous, steadfast, loving heart that leads to many many years of relationship commitment and care.

Family: As one of the most responsible signs, Virgos find it incredibly important to take care of their loved ones. They often find themselves as the “strong one” in the family who is constantly relied on for support, advice, and care. However, they thrive in this role as they are loving and attentive to every aspect of their lives, especially their family.


September 23rd – October 22nd

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Represented by scales, Libras seek justice and harmony, bringing equilibrium to situations.

Career: Libras are peacemakers. They love engaging discussions and providing advice to those in need. Not to mention, they’re extremely intelligent and sharp, making them a valuable asset to any team. However, Libras are also terrible at making decisions and don’t do well when placed in scenarios where they’re under immense pressure. They feel most fulfilled in careers that feel impactful and oriented toward equality for all because at the end of the day, balance is what they desire most.

Love: A Libra feels most at peace when they have a partner to share their life with. Without a lover, they feel unbalanced and tend to spend more time in their head; overthinking life and growing anxious. Libra lovers are incredibly patient, supportive, and gentle. They hate confrontation and strife but will also do anything in their power to maintain a healthy, happy harmony with their partner.

Family: Libras are very level-headed which puts them as one of the most reliable persons in the family. While they hate conflict, they are incredible at restoring balance when there is tension between loved ones. Because they believe in “leading by example,” they make the best role models as parents and the people they love always know they can trust a Libra to support and care for them.


October 23rd – November 21st

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Scorpios are all about deep transformations and rebirth, bringing new perspectives and changes.

Career: Scorpios make the best leaders as they are straightforward communicators, detest dishonesty, and are incredible at thinking on their feet when challenges arise. They feel most fulfilled in career paths that are making positive changes in the world and in individuals’ lives. Their intense courage makes them extremely powerful in the workforce and their passion for what they do only adds to that power.

Love: Scorpios often battle trust issues when it comes to monogamous love. They fear deceit and struggle with jealousy because they fear getting hurt and have a hard time expressing their emotions. However, when they find a healthy love that is open, kind, and reliable, Scorpios flourish as partners. They are exceptionally generous and love with a strong fervor for their partner. You will never find a partner more committed than a Scorpio.

Family: Similar to their strong commitment in love comes a Scorpios loyal ties to their family and loved ones. Scorpios would never turn their back on the people they love and will do anything in their power to make their family happy. As parents, they sometimes come off intense or protective, but it comes from a place of immense care and love.


November 22nd – December 21st

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With their love for travel and philosophy, Sagittarius aims to explore the world and spread wisdom.

Career: Sagittarians are one of the most independent signs. Their free-spirited nature coupled with their vast intellect makes them extremely innovative. They flourish in fresh environments rooted in creativity, free thinking, and discovery.

Love: Because Sagittarius individuals feel most themselves when living a liberated life, they can struggle sometimes to commit. Relationships (especially wrong ones) can lead them to feel tied down and limited. However, when a Sagittarius meets their person, it’s a match made in heaven. They are power couple of the century; supportive of each other’s independence and full of fun-loving moments together. Not to mention, passionate and fiery in every sense.

Family: Sagittarians can feel distant from their loved ones at times because of their daydreamy, wanderlust tendencies. However, they make incredible role models for their children as they truly teach them to be exactly who they want to be. While their home life may stray from what is traditional, they inspire loved ones to explore, think about things in a new way, and open their minds to vibrant experiences the world has to offer.


December 22nd – January 19th

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Capricorns have a strong sense of duty, working hard to build structures and govern responsibly.

Career: Capricorns are diligent workers and extremely organized. Similar to Virgos, another fellow earth sign, they function best and feel most fulfilled in traditional roles that set achievable tasks and goals. They take a lot of pride in their work and always aim to put their best foot forward when it comes to their career.

Love: Many Capricorns get the stigma of being workaholics because of how dedicated they are to their career path and daily routine. Because of this, it can be hard to get close to a Capricorn. However, if you are patient with them and take the time to break down their walls, you’ll have the most rewarding love. Capricorns highly value those they love and once they’re committed to you, you can trust that they’re not going anywhere.

Family: Besides their personal goals, family is arguably the most important aspect of a Capricorn’s life. Many Capricorns are traditional and adhere to the expression “family comes first.” They often dream about having a big family and are very responsible caretakers when children come along.


January 20th – February 18th

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Forward-thinking Aquarius seeks to bring innovative ideas and instigate positive revolutions.

Career: Aquarians are highly intelligent and progressive in a work setting. They have a bleeding heart when it comes to humanitarian causes and feel most fulfilled when working in jobs that seek justice, reform, and change. Not to mention, their have a unique and innate way of connecting with nearly anyone they cross paths with which makes them incredibly sincere in office settings and beyond.

Love: Aquarius individuals often come off shy or quiet which can sometimes turn people away. They also need alone time in order to revitalize their balance and energy which can make them appear detached or standoffish. However, the heart of an Aquarian is quite the opposite. They are lovers that are very in tune with their emotions and sensitive to the world around them. They just struggle to express themselves and need a partner that is trustworthy and reliable in order for them to give their heart away.

Family: An Aquarians individuality can sometimes lead them to feel or be detached from their family. They struggle to rely on others and open up completely which can cause tension from time to time with loved ones. As parents, they instill strong moral values in their children and lead them to live vibrant, independent lives.


February 19th – March 20th

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With their deep emotional currents, Pisces are the dreamers who feel and understand others’ pain.

Career: Pisces often catch themselves daydreaming and living a bit too often in their head. This is why careers that center around communication and art are perfect for them because they can interact, create, and get out into the world. They have a profound way of empathizing with others and many Pisces individuals feel most fulfilled when working in careers that center around helping others.

Love: The biggest romantics on earth, Pisces loves nothing more than love itself. They make incredible companions as they love to dote on and care for their partner. Many Pisces individuals end up being labeled serial monogamists because being in a relationship and loving someone brings them sensational joy. However, because a Pisces love can sometimes feel overwhelming to others, leaving the Pisces hurt in the end. The best advice for a Pisces to take in love is to be weary of wearing their heart on their sleeve; protect it instead for someone who is going to adore it and give back as much love as they receive.

Family: Hand in hand with love comes family. Pisces are exceptionally generous and love to nurture relationships with various family members and friends. Their gentle and compassionate nature allows them to bring a lot of peace and solace to those close to them.

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