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The Top 3 Most Brutally Honest Zodiac Signs

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Honesty is the best policy, right? When it comes to relationships and friendships, a foundation of trust is crucial to building a close connection. However, we all know people who might be too honest. Meaning, they can be a little too blunt when sharing their perspective.

Astrologically, some signs may have a stronger propensity for brutal honesty than others. These signs aren’t ones to shy away from speaking their truth one way or another.

Check out the signs below (Sun, Rising, and Mercury) to see which zodiac signs are the most brutally honest.

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Regarding honesty, Sagittarius isn’t afraid to speak their mind. For this fire sign, they would much rather everyone lay their cards out on the table than lie for the sake of convenience. Sagittarius signs can also have a strong moral compass, often possessing harsher views of those they discover to be lying. While honesty is an admirable trait, though, Sagittarius often neglects tact. They aren’t as concerned with how their honesty comes out, which can cause issues in their close relationships. Honesty is important, but there is a way to be honest without being cruel.

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Along with fellow fire sign Sagittarius, Aries is unafraid of bluntness when it comes to how they feel. An Aries can be impulsive and, at times, temperamental—and the cross-section of these traits can result in unfiltered delivery of what they are thinking and feeling. Additionally, Aries may not fully understand why their desire to share unfiltered thoughts could be an issue. While you can rest assured you’ll always know what an Aries is thinking, you may have to develop a thick skin to have a consistent relationship with them.

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Virgo signs have a reputation for being critical and a tad perfectionistic. However, an underrated quality of the Earth sign is the desire for full transparency. Virgos aren’t ones to beat around the bush. If you’re close to a Virgo, you know they will tell you the truth, even if it isn’t what you want to hear. However, given that Mercury (the planet of communication) is their ruling planet, they tend to have a bit more tact than other signs when delivering the new (but they won’t sugarcoat it).

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