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Astrologers can chart astrologers and identify qualities and defects common to certain signs: check out the weepiest signs of the Zodiac.

Everyone has heard the expression that they are easy to tear and the meaning of that expression is simple. They are people who are barely capable of crying compulsively as if the world is about to collapse.

Sensitive, fragile, or simply emotional, there are many ways to describe these people who actually may have one aspect in common: their signs. It is true! There are even natives who are more prone to tears than others and it is a case of saying what drama is really with them. do you want to meet them? Is your sign on the list? Stay to find out.

Zodiac: the most weeping signs


This is, without a doubt, the most tearful sign in the entire Zodiac, no matter what the reason. It is even considered the most emotional and sentimental and anyone who knows a native of this sign easily believes this statement.

Crab/Cancer natives cry watching movies, series, soap operas… in short, everything is a good reason to express what they feel.


Next comes the Pisces who, as we know, are also quite prone to tears, as they are a very kind and companionable sign. They are extremely emotional and, therefore, crying is sometimes the only way to release everything they feel.

This is a way for the native of this sign to better deal with their emotions and feelings. Therefore, it is not advisable to contradict.


The natives of this sign may look cold, but in fact, they belong to the rank of the most weepers. They may seem harsh and insensitive, but they have very sensitive hearts. However, they keep everything to themselves and, therefore, they reserve their tears for moments when they are alone with themselves.


The Libra/Libra’s natives are very prone to absorb the pain and suffering of others, therefore, they are natives capable of crying for themselves, but also for others, for their dramas and problems.

They live intensely on the conflicts that their friends and family are facing and are capable of being in tears at any dramatic story that is told to them.


The natives of this sign have a slightly different cry. It is a cry of rage, anger, and revolt. It’s a way to externalize your most negative feelings, for minutes later to recover and regain full control of your emotions.


The pride of the natives of the sign of Leo will not allow these people to cry in front of others, especially if they are their enemies. However, in their intimacy, if they feel left out or don’t feel able to do something or be followed by the crowd, then they will end up looking for private space and simply crying.

Does crying hurt?

We’ve been used to hearing it say not to cry since we were children. “That crying doesn’t do any good!”. However, the truth is that crying allows us to externalize strong emotions, bad or good, that we have accumulated inside us.

Thus, this expression works as a kind of calming and even moisturizes the eyes. Tears release chemicals that are important for controlling our hormones and emotions.

On the other hand, those who avoid crying at all costs, even feeling this need, may have serious physical and mental symptoms, such as hypertension, ulcers, and even gastritis. Therefore, a child should never be told to stop crying as this can cause too much stress.

Crying is thus part of child development, and balances the body and mind of adults.

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