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4 Zodiacs That Will Have Many Loves Before Meeting Their Soulmate

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Some zodiacs are going to have one love. But others are going to fall in love a thousand times before finding the right person for them. Here are a few zodiacs who are bound to have more than one big love throughout their life:

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Pisces get attached easily. They fall hard for anyone who holds the door open for them or pays them a heartfelt compliment. They’re searching for love, so they find it everywhere they look. They’re going to fall in love a handful of times before finding the person who is actually meant for them. This means they’re going to have to endure a lot of heartbreak and uncertainty. They’re going to have to pick themselves off the floor and try again. But they can’t give up hope of finding the right person because they’re going to meet them someday. They just need to have some failed experiences before they get the love that they’ve been looking for all along.

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Libras always keep their heart open to love. They will fall for a million different people throughout their lifetimes because they see the beauty in everyone. They overlook flaws to focus on the strengths in everyone they meet. Although they might not meet their soulmate for a while, their other relationships will still be something they cherish. After all, they realize that someone doesn’t need to be a permanent part of their world in order to be important. Temporary loves are just as beautiful. They’re just as crucial in shaping their existence. Libras want to fall in love so badly that it happens all the time. They can’t help themselves. They enjoy the company of almost everyone they meet, so they always find something little to love about the people around them.

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Leos want a big, exciting romance – and they are going to find this multiple times throughout their life. After all, sometimes they enjoy the puppy love stage more than the serious aspects of a relationship because they want their partner to obsess over them. They want to feel wanted, so they relish the time when things feel fresh and new and exciting. Leos will walk away from the wrong person after the sparks die down, but they will stand by the right person even once the honeymoon phase wears off. But it can take some time to find a person who keeps them interested, years into the relationship. The person who makes them feel special, even once the relationship grows comfortable.

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Geminis need to explore their options. They don’t automatically know what type of person fits them the best. They need to trial and error the situation. They need to date people who are completely wrong for them in order to figure out what qualities they admire (and what qualities they cannot stand) in another person. They need experience to guide them. Even though it might take them a while to find someone who fits them well, that doesn’t mean their past loves were a waste. Their past loves are helping them take steps in the right direction. Their past loves are teaching them important lessons about where they should direct their energy in the future. They wouldn’t be able to find the right person without dating a few wrong ones first

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