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The way each star sign poisons its relationships

So each zodiac sign poisons its relationship without knowing it!

Each zodiac sign has some specific negative qualities that threaten to poison its relationships. These behaviors, though initially insignificant, can slowly poison the strongest of all relationships over time.

In this article, we’ll talk about the insignificant toxic habits that are slowly poisoning even the strongest relationships.

Aries: You let your anger control you

Aries can poison their relationship by becoming angry. If a ram is guilty of one of the seven sins, it will definitely be anger.

Most of the time they get angry and tend to forget that words that have been said cannot be withdrawn. When rams are angry, they say everything that comes to their minds without thinking about the consequences.

It is okay to be angry, but only in small doses. Giving in to your anger every time you have a disagreement poisons your relationship to the point of no return.

Stop annoying yourself and take a moment to think. If you tackle the fight with a clear head and calm behavior, you will see that it is easier to clear everything up.

Taurus: You are very resentful

Bulls can poison their relationship by being resentful forever. The greatest shortcoming of the people who belong to this zodiac sign is that they tend to have resentment as if their lives depended on it.

If you hurt a bull, you can be sure that he will never forget it and that you will not forget it either. Even if it is wrong to suppress your true feelings, it does not mean that old injuries should be revived straight away.

This year, try to follow the “forgive and forget” mantra. This may seem challenging to you, but if you want to have a stable and lasting relationship, you have to let go of old grudges.

Twins: You never listen

Twins can poison their relationship if they don’t listen to their partner at all. Communication is one of the most important things when it comes to building a strong relationship.

Unfortunately, people who belong to the zodiac sign Gemini tend to forget that sometimes. In a happy relationship, both partners must be heard when it comes to their opinions and feelings.

But most of the time twins tend to only talk about themselves and their problems. Sometimes they even forget that their partner needs some emotional and mental support.

Try to listen more in 2020. Concentrate on your partner’s needs. Try to understand what he is trying to say and work to make him feel better. Remember, the best thing you can do for someone sometimes is to just listen.

Cancer: You take even the smallest thing personally

Cancer can poison its relationship by taking everything personally. Cancers are known to be extremely sensitive individuals with a strong emotional radar.

Even though this mostly serves as a positive point in their relationships, it can sometimes prove to be a curse. There is a fine line between sensitivity and hypersensitivity, and this fine line can severely affect a relationship.

If you take even the smallest thing personally and let it play with your emotions, your partner will have to walk on eggshells all the time.

He will not be able to speak freely to you, and that will gradually create a great distance between you.

Make sure that you don’t take everything to heart and try to be mentally stronger. Not only will this save your relationship, it will also make your partner respect you more.

Leo: You are very dominant by nature

Lions are very dominant by nature, and that’s probably the biggest reason why their relationships don’t last long.

Being strong and bossy can have attractive features, but not if your partner feels suffocated and not appreciated.

Most of the time you want everything to go as you please, without wasting a second thought on your partner. How would you feel if the situation were reversed?

Work on putting your partner first and focus on what they need and want from you.

You don’t have to be a doormat or sacrifice your luck entirely, but if you want a happy, long-term relationship, it’s imperative that you treat your partner as equal.

Virgo: You consider yourself the smartest person in the world

Virgins tend to be know-it-alls, and this can play a big role in poisoning their relationships.

They are naturally intelligent and clever people, and that can sometimes get them to their heads. If you are a virgin reading this, you know that it is very difficult for you to take other people’s opinions seriously.

What you don’t understand: If you keep belittling your partner by never caring about their opinion and rejecting it, you are simply jeopardizing your own relationship.

Learn to accept the fact that you are not the only smart person in the room and that your partner can teach you a thing or two. Decide to show more acceptance and openness in the coming year.

Libra: You close your emotions

The Libra can poison their relationship by suppressing their feelings.

Scales are generally mature individuals, but they tend to suppress their feelings in negative situations and pretend that everything is fine. This not only puts a strain on you mentally, but also keeps your partner completely out of the game.

It’s okay if something goes wrong sometimes. It’s okay if things aren’t always perfect.

Suppressing your feelings cannot help your relationship in any way, it can do harm rather than good. If you don’t tell your partner what’s going on in your head, how can you fix it together?

Scorpio: you always say “no”

The scorpion can poison its relationships by constantly saying no to everything. Being a yes-man is not a good thing, but saying no to everything and everyone is not an admirable trait either.

This habit can cause people, especially your partner, to have a negative impression of you.

Before you decide to say no to something, you must also consider your partner and their feelings.

If your partner wants you to try something, it may be because it would make them happy. Even if you don’t feel like it, you can compromise to make him happy.

Sagittarius: You try to escape every relationship

Sagittarians can poison their relationship by constantly trying to get out of the relationship. They are always looking for excuses to end their relationships instead of trying and working on them.

Sagittarians tend to focus on all negative aspects of a relationship and use them as the basis for separation.

Sure, relationships can be difficult at times, but why focus on the negative? As a shooter you are an optimist by nature, so it will do you good to be optimistic about your relationship.

Capricorn: You are overly critical of everyone and everyone

Capricorns can poison their relationship by being overly critical. Capricorns are known to have a sharp tongue and are not afraid to use them until they forget how their partner feels.

They always judge their partners for the slightest mistake and don’t understand that nobody is perfect, not even them.

Having unreasonable expectations of the partner and criticizing him at every step will not help you maintain a relationship. So stop being critical all the time and appreciate your partner every now and then.

Aquarius: You can be extremely reserved and distant

Aquarius can poison his relationship by looking cold and distant.

If your partner comes to you with a problem or is looking for emotional support, your detached manner can make the situation worse.

Remember that every person needs spiritual support from time to time, and as a partner you have to be there to give them that.

Even if you feel uncomfortable, it is important that you let your partner know that you will always be there for them, no matter what.

Pisces: You keep complaining

Fish can poison their relationship by complaining around the clock and not accepting solutions. Can you imagine how frustrated your partner could be if he heard you complaining all day and every day?

Instead of focusing on the negative again and again, you should try to see the positive sides as well. This will help you find solutions to your problems and also ensure that your partner does not feel constantly under pressure.

Everyone wants to be in a happy and stable relationship, but tends to forget that tango takes two. If you want a meaningful relationship, you have to face your negatives and work to change them.

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