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3 Birth Months Who Need To Be More Selfish To Find Their Soulmate

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It’s difficult, if not impossible, for most people to find their soulmate on the first try. You can’t blame yourself for falling for the wrong person. However, you don’t want to waste too much on the wrong person either. You need to know when to walk away, when to move on and find someone better suited for you. Here are the birth months who need to raise their standards and be more cutthroat in order to find their soulmate:


If you were born in March, you have been accused of being too nice one too many times. You know that your kind side always wins out, and you aren’t going to apologize for it. After all, you are proud of how sweet and soft you are in a world that seems to value hardness and cruelty. You don’t have to completely change your ways in order to find your soulmate. You can still hold yourself with grace and dignity. But what you do need to change is how long you allow the wrong people to hold your heart. It’s not selfish or rude to end a relationship that isn’t working. In fact, it’s the kindest thing you can do for them and for yourself. You need to stop putting off breakups out of guilt or a false sense of obligation. You don’t owe this person anything. When you feel like it’s time to walk away, don’t second-guess it or draw it out. Just go for it.

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If you were born in September, then you are always giving out chances that other people haven’t actually earned. Although it’s in your nature to give others the benefit of the doubt, not everyone has the same type of heart and soul as you do. You can’t assume that they made a horrible mistake that they feel terrible about when they aren’t owning up to what they’ve done or even granting you an apology. You deserve the same type of kindness that you always give others without question. You shouldn’t settle for anything less than this, so you need to be a little more cutthroat when it comes to relationships. You need to stop giving others the chance to prove themselves over time. Look at how they’re treating you today, not how they might potentially treat you in the future. You’re not their teacher. You shouldn’t have to show them how to treat you with common human decency. If they can’t figure that out on their own, then they don’t deserve you.

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If you were born in December, you have a tendency to go with the flow. You might be expecting your partner to determine whether or not you break up — but you have agency too. Your partner isn’t in complete control over whether this relationship lasts or not. If you aren’t happy, you are allowed to leave. You don’t have to stay, just because you made a commitment a while ago, or because you’re used to living this way now. You can pivot at any point in time. You can walk away from them if they aren’t enhancing your life in any way. Don’t sit around waiting for the relationship to fizzle out, or for them to break up with you. Rip the bandage off yourself, so you have the opportunity to move on and find where you really belong.

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