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I Want A Love Like This

I want a love so big that it has enough room to hold all the parts of me. And when my fears and anxieties expand, I want love to expand with me—not to constrict or compress, but to grow bigger and allow me space to just feel.

I want a love that is soft and tender. That whispers to my quiet broken corners. That leaves me feeling seen and heard and wanted and loved.

I want a love that stills me and moves me all at once. A love that I can always reach for without having to chase or beg or change or diminish myself in order to experience it fully.

I want a love that’s kind. A love whose gentleness smoothens my rough edges. A love that will bite its own tongue before sputtering words that will bruise.

I want a love that listens. That learns to listen in between my words. That tries to understand what every other part of me is saying without using words.

I want a love that’s loud in all the right places. Loud in encouragement and in believing in me. Loud in the small gestures, loud in appreciation, loud when it learns my love language and makes an effort to speak it fluently.

I want a love that soothes my aching bones in the dead of night.

I want a love that’s strong enough to carry all the shattered pieces of my brokenness and not make me feel like it’s a burden.

I want a love that nurtures my soul. That holds my hand while I trim off parts of me that no longer serve a purpose. That is patient with me while I grow and sprout new roots in different places. A love that is steadfast in seasons when I’m fruitful and in seasons while I’m choked up in weeds.

I want a love that not just feels like home but looks like one too. With a door, because there’s always a choice to leave. And with windows, when love needs just a little breather.

I want love to shake my insides off all that I’ve learnt and known and experienced and come to believe about love before love really happened for me.

I want a love that’s like a mirror. That reflects a sense of security when it sees my scars and when my beauty fails to fall in line with the cultural standard.

I want a love that’s raw and unfiltered, even though it may not appear lovely for the likes of this world.

You deserve this kind of love. To give yourself this kind of love. To be with someone who strives to give you this kind of love. And to always, always be the one to show others what love is by giving them this kind of love.

I Want A Love Like This
I Want A Love Like This

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