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The Reason Why Independent Women Are Out Of Luck In Love

We may experience this scenario far too often, there are many beautiful and intelligent women who just don’t seem to find the right match.

These women go from one terrible date to the next, and may even wonder if they will ever find a simple, kind, and honest person who will appreciate their efforts.

You might even be tempted at times to compare yourself to other women who seem happy in love, often thinking, what does she have that I don’t?

Realistically speaking, there are women who have a lot of education and good inclinations, who fail to find a man, and women who do not try very hard either in their knowledge or in the relationship, but who are loved anyway.

In this case, one thing above all else needs to be considered: yes, men are intimidated by independent women, but that doesn’t mean that our status, career, or intelligence will greatly affect our love lives. Different men have different needs, and if we believe someone will love us if we change our looks, become a lawyer, or start a very successful business, then we are wrong.

If someone really loves us, they will love us for who we really are. He will not be interested in us changing so that he will love us, and even more so he will only encourage us to strive for change if we really want it, but never so that he will love us.

It has been shown that finding a partner is more challenging for women who are independent and perform well compared to women who are more dependent on their partner.

Men are not always amused and interested in independent women, and there are many reasons why it can be difficult for them to be with them in the long term.

There are simply some natural conditions that we cannot control, and certain qualities that the independent woman has can be quite a challenge for a man who has to deal with his ego first.

1. Independent women are intimidating

Some men don’t know how to deal with women who intimidate them, let alone go out with them.

There is something about them that makes men believe they are worse than they are.

In reality, such men are afraid of women who are stronger than themselves, so they prefer to choose those to whom they can show their superiority.

Men are naturally more dominant and protective, which is why they have big egos.

When an insecure man feels that you don’t need him, his confidence drops.

Some men feel the need to feel like women are dependent on them. independent women are the exact opposite, which is why they lack mutual attraction.

2. Independent women have high standards

When a woman earns her own money, is doing a degree or a master’s degree, when she is confident in her demeanor and developing in different areas, she expects a man who will no longer drag her down into a worse life and lifestyle .

Rather, she will find it difficult to accept a man who does not appreciate her hard work and she can no longer tolerate a low standard since she has already achieved so much.

By simply leaving a man who doesn’t appreciate her, she makes it easier for her to be alone and to take care of herself.

Women have really become stronger, more emotionally stable, more independent, and more educated.

They know that it is better for them to wait for the man they want than to share the bed with someone they don’t like or respect.

3. Independent women don’t believe in lies and don’t like men who are show-offs

The level of confidence women have in men is perhaps the lowest ever due to the standards the modern world has and the general decline in people’s moral values.

Nobody wants a broken heart, and luckily there are enough stories of women betrayed that other women wouldn’t think this couldn’t happen to them.

Since childhood we have seen films in which a woman has her own job, which she has built for herself or is at least very successful in what she does.

The modern world also gives us modern priorities, and we accept them.

It is impossible for these women to believe in empty stories.

You can clearly see when a man is lying or making up something.

Such an attitude automatically rejects men because they do not want the woman to know in advance about every step they take.

4. Independent women are reliable and mature

In general, men don’t care about women who are too serious and sometimes they are just looking for a woman to have fun with, which is not very mature, right?

Women who value themselves and their worth know that they are more than just entertainment for insecure men.

Women who are determined to have an attitude and know how to deal with life have a maturity that is not very common.

They don’t gossip, they don’t engage in negative thoughts, and they don’t care about other people’s opinions.

They don’t measure their worth by other people’s compliments and don’t have to post fifteen selfies a week on social media to be comfortable.

You are happy with yourself and any man who shows immaturity automatically loses his opportunity.

5. Your love is serious and you are very sensual

Passion is something that can be interpreted as negative and sometimes such women have no control over their passion and they don’t want to have it.

They are passionate speakers, passionate lovers, and passionate about expressing their views.

They’re not ashamed to say who they are, and that can scare men who are more conservative than them.

These women may be intimidating, independent, brave, and strong, but they always love with all their hearts.

They take pride in their relationship and do their best to improve the quality of the relationship. Only strong men can endure this kind of love.

The Reason Why Independent Women Are Out Of Luck In Love
The Reason Why Independent Women Are Out Of Luck In Love

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