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Update: The Best Type Of Career For Every Zodiac Sign

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There’s nothing worse for an Aries than to be stuck in a career where every aspect is predetermined by somebody else. They like having agency over the decisions they make, as it gives them a chance to be creative even in fields that don’t specifically require it. While an Aries doesn’t necessarily have to be self-employed (though they probably would like it), they should look for a work situation that allows them the freedom to be in charge of their area of expertise.

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For Taurus, nothing feels better than coming home at the end of a long day of work and putting their feet up, beginning the luxurious unwinding process. For this reason, Tauruses need to be in a career that they can walk away from at the end of each day. They have difficulty thriving in environments that require commitment outside of their designated work hours and can easily become burnt out without ample time to themselves.

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While Gemini are social butterflies and can often be great in customer service and communications-related jobs, they also need their space. Too much time face-to-face with other people and Gemini will grow increasingly uncomfortable, likely to quit and find something less demanding. Gemini need careers where they don’t have to be “on” all the time. A healthy mix of socializing and alone time is necessary.

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Nothing brings a Cancer down more than being stuck in a corporate environment that allows no room for creativity or expression. Cancers want to be fulfilled by their careers; it’s mind-numbing for them to arrive (or log on) somewhere, complete meaningless tasks to benefit a company that doesn’t even know their name, and then go home, drained, with nothing to show for it. There are plenty of creative employment opportunities, why settle for something that depresses you?

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Leos are great at being productive, even when it isn’t for a job they’re particularly interested in, but they’re also easily distracted and bored by routine–a dangerous mix. To be in the same place day after day can feel restrictive and exhausting to Leos, causing them to resent their workplace over time. Their ideal work situation would allow them to make their own schedule and give them the flexibility to accomplish their tasks without sacrificing their personal lives in the process.

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Some of the most frustrating things for a Virgo to deal with on a job is gray areas. In the workplace, they need to be under a leader that is clear and concise about their expectations. This doesn’t mean that Virgos can’t also thrive when in charge–they absolutely can. But even at the top, Virgos need direction and reassurance that they’re steering the ship in the right direction. Too much open-endedness and a Virgo is sure to be overwhelmed by the possibility of failure.

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A Libra’s ideal career? It’s hard to say. Libras so often grow tired with their jobs, even when it’s something that they’ve devoted a lot of time, love, and energy into. I’m sorry to say that this is where Libras so often fall into the stereotypes of their sign–they can’t make a concrete decision and commit to one life path. The best sort of career for a Libra would have to be one that allows them to work in different, diverse fields, to hopefully keep them interested in the work.

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Despite their reputation for being intimidating and moody, Scorpios are social creatures. They like being surrounded by people that they can have a decent conversation with, and this also applies to their workplace. A Scorpio’s ideal job would have a focus on community. Not only will they feel comfortable having other folks to lean on when tasks get difficult, but they also like knowing that they aren’t alone in the experiences and struggles of their chosen career.

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Sagittariuses don’t have a great attention span when it comes to something that they aren’t interested in, and anything that takes time out of their day is bound to seem lackluster in comparison. You might be tired of hearing about Sagittariuses and travel, but a perfect job would allow them to work remotely so that, at the very least, they’ll feel stimulated by their environment if the work itself isn’t doing it.

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Considering that Capricorns hate being told what to do and become defensive when anybody dares to suggest that they’ve done something incorrectly, it’s probably best for them to be in charge. Capricorns make good bosses–despite their defensive nature, they’re adept at assigning tasks, finishing their to-do lists, and are willing to listen to their employees. Capricorns in the workplace often seem unapproachable, but you’ll be surprised by the amount of empathy they have.

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Aquarians need to feel like they’re doing something that matters. Whether that’s on a personal level in the workplace or on a grander scale, they feel antsy when trapped in a career that benefits the few rather than the many. There won’t always be ample opportunities for Aquarians to find these fulfilling positions, but as long as they’re able to be free-thinking individuals and share new ideas with others they can find peace with their career.

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Pisces are great thinkers. They can analyze a problem from many angles and offer successful solutions, making them a valuable part of any workforce. The only stipulation is that Pisces need ample time to do this deliberating. Put them on the spot to make a quick decision and they freeze, unable to act under pressure. Pisces thrive best in a slow-paced environment, one that caters to their strengths without forcing them into a state of stress and anxiety.

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