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A complete guide to help girls better understand their Aries partner

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Aries men are destined to be leaders, they have an almost extraordinary self-confidence, and they are competitive and slightly impulsive. Aries is brave and always craves adventure, new things, new places, or new people.

They treat love relationships with maximum passion and fire, always giving the impression that their blood is boiling in their veins. At the same time, they are committed and always one step ahead, always able to take the reins and become a pillar for the person next to them.

In what follows, it would be most appropriate to take them for a pittance and write both their qualities and their flaws in black and white. The partner of an Aries can often be put in a situation where she does not know what she thinks, what she wants, or what the man next to her is thinking. I will thus expose the most common and fundamental traits of the man born under the Aries zodiac.

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Aries Horoscope: Qualities

The Aries man seems like he can overcome any obstacle, and conquer any fear. For him, nothing is inaccessible and nothing is too difficult. His extraordinary drive and boldness, I believe, can be placed first in the ranking of qualities.

As a man with whom you share your life, the Aries man is definitely and perhaps the one who will make you feel safe. He is always ready to guide you, protect you and be part of important decisions.

Aries Horoscope: Defects

Know. So far it seems that I have described the ideal man. I regret to inform you that there is no forest without droughts.

In nature, there is a balance that governs all existence. This balance must be sought and established at all costs, otherwise, things cannot work.

It is the same in the present case. Too was the Aries man a pseudo-Superman.

Aries’ faults also come, in fact, from his qualities. He can become irritating through his need to be in control, his slightly superior attitude, or his critical sense. Aries must understand that everything they own that is good, if not kept under control can turn into a reason for dislike.

At the same time, they can sometimes seem disinterested or absent, also because something is not what they want, and all their energy will be focused there. Aries are perfectionists – and this doesn’t always pay off. Their need for perfection or the closest version of perfection (also coming from competitiveness sometimes taken to the extreme), will make them stay fixated on an idea that they will hardly get out of their heads.

Their partners always have to bring them back down to earth, but only if they are armed with ten or twelve different, complex, and well-crafted arguments. Did I mention they are very stubborn?

In any case, every man in the world has his half that he is looking for from the first moment. The lists of flaws and qualities are a bonus to what you should already know. Each person is different, each person has different emotional baggage. Always remember to refer to real people and consider the context in which they lived and live now.

Yes, Aries men can be difficult and frankly… a nuisance, but at the same time they can be warm and full of life. They are people who love life, love to live it, love to see the world, and love to love.

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