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The way to behave after drinking a few too many drinks depends in part on the zodiac sign.

How many times has it occurred to you to raise your elbow a little and then find yourself talking or acting differently than you usually would? True, alcohol is largely to blame but have you ever wondered why reactions change from person to person?

The truth is that even in this case, the zodiac sign has a great influence on the way of externalizing things and, since in this case, it is what we often keep inside, the ascendant also plays an important role, albeit not fundamental, in this sense. So, today we will move towards a different but no less curious aspect of how each zodiac sign behaves after drinking too much. .

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How each zodiac sign behaves after drinking a little too much

Aries – The cheerful
ones Those born under the sign of Aries, after drinking, tend to become the life of the party. Their cheerfulness is such as to become contagious and garner support from friends and strangers. But be careful, sometimes you can seem less bright than you are and alcohol could lead you to take actions that you would end up regretting. Better to drink a glassless and not let your guard down completely, then. Certain things, even if done in the rush of (alcoholic) enthusiasm, once you come back to your senses can appear much less fun.

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Taurus – The one who never says no.
Being in the company and seeing the people you love happy for you is the best thing there is. For this reason, you hardly find yourself refusing yet another glass. This leads you to become a bit of everyone’s confidant and to act as a Red Cross nurse to those who are tipsier than you. Be careful not to give yourself too much, though, and not to fall into the trap of someone who is just trying to take advantage of your good faith. Before offering yourself to help others, it is better to be fully conscious.

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Gemini – The Melancholy
Your being constantly on a swing emerges with all its strength when you are under the effects of alcohol. One glass too many could change your mood at any moment, taking you from cheerfulness to melancholy even before you or others realize it. Be careful, therefore, because the nostalgic streak, once you leave, is difficult to change and would risk ruining your evening. Better to monitor how you feel and refuse the extra alcohol. It will benefit both you and your drinking buddies.

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Cancer – The heavy one
Normally you are an empathic person and able to understand and help those around you. Unfortunately, alcohol brings out that part of you that you often keep hidden or, at times, emerges in the form of touchiness. The classic glass too much, therefore, could lead you to be whiny and a crybaby, even going to fish out episodes from your past. A way of doing things that would weigh down the evening is by making those who don’t know you feel uncomfortable in this respect.

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Leo – The star of the evening
Needless to say, not even alcohol can extinguish your need to be the center of attention. Indeed, in your case the effect will be exactly the opposite, pushing you to chat with everyone, show off, and become the undisputed star of the evening. The risk is to exaggerate, which you would never want, especially if in life you are already someone’s leader and the alcoholic evening is among colleagues. Better to keep some sort of etiquette, allowing yourself only a couple of drinks and avoiding losing control. After all, a leader must know how to do this too, right?

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Virgo – The one out of control
Normally you are not one who let’s go and even during a drink with friends you tend to drink little and become taciturn. Be careful, however, because exceeding the alcoholic dose that you can handle the change will be such as to disconcert everyone and you could end up saying things that you do not think or that even if you think about them, you would normally express in a decidedly different way. Better not to take risks and avoid these excesses that then, the next day, you would not know how to manage.

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Libra – The ultra-poised
The control you have over your person is able to overcome even the power of alcohol. So, even during an alcoholic evening, your elegance will take over, pushing you to drink only as much as you know you can handle. A way of doing things that makes you a reliable person in the eyes of others and that also makes you the one that everyone will rely on in case of too much alcohol. A price to pay to keep your image intact, right?

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Scorpio – The Mysterious
Alcohol can make you chatter and be less skittish than usual. Your aura of mystery, however, will always remain there, becoming even stronger. Even after a good drink, in fact, you tend to keep your secrets to yourself, appearing even more mysterious and intriguing to those around you. Be careful not to overdo it, though, because once you reveal one of your secrets, even if only half of it, the others could torment you until you reveal the rest.

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Sagittarius – The Aggressive
Your personality remains the same even after several drinks, making you appear even more outgoing and sympathetic than usual. The only flaw? Too much alcohol can end up breaking down your filters and causing you to be aggressive or mean to people you normally tolerate little. Better to drink only in the company of people you like, in short, or the risk of a diplomatic incident could be around the corner.

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Capricorn – The funny guy
For you, the beauty of going out together is the company and the good time spent together. Alcohol in all of this is just one component that you tend to ignore unless others are offering it. Even then, it’s hard to see yourself losing control and the best you can get is to animate yourself a little more than you should, becoming super cheerful and being nice to everyone.

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Aquarius – The Lunatic
To say how you will react to an alcoholic evening is difficult even for the stars. Your way of being, in fact, changes constantly. This means that you will hardly remain in the same mood in which you arrived. You will most likely go from cheerful to sulky or from melancholy to super cheerful. A real surprise for you and for those around you, in short.

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Pisces – The storyteller
You better pay attention to the amount of alcohol you drink because overdoing it is too easy for you. Fortunately, even when you are super bright you tend to remain yourself except for your creativity which seems to take on a life of its own, leading you to create worlds that your friends will not be able to escape from, whether it be stories to tell or paintings to do. from models.

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