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What Every Sign Of The Zodiac Hates

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We all have a small or large list of things, situations, behaviors, and types of people that, sincerely, have a hard time enduring with patience … “Hate” sounds strong, yes, it is not something pleasant, but it is the truth, we all have SOMETHING that simply it bothers us or that alters our mental peace and we cannot see it … Then, what each sign of the zodiac detests with a bit of madness …

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Aries, you have many problems not to lose your temper with the LATITUDE in general. People who overtake you on the left when you are walking calmly, to get in front of you and go slower than snails, could take the gold prize because you detest that situation, you can’t with it, it makes you nervous … And We better not talk about people who need eighty hours to think about something that can be done in two minutes, people who react very slowly and who seem to have a hard time breathing and walking, your blood boils with them … There are times when You really believe that you can become petrified of boredom with those kinds of people and you know it, Aries.

Actually, you are realizing that sometimes you hate humanity more than you had stopped to think, and are you afraid of it? No. You are not afraid because they have you up to their noses and period. Let them move their asses at once.

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Taurus, that something you had done with a lot of effort falls apart, is something that can take you along the path of maximum stress and madness. You know. You do not like excessively sudden changes, we know it, but leave everything and touch your work, you can’t stand it…

It repays you a lot to waste your time doing things that will then be changed or destroyed by someone else … An example? When in teamwork you do everything, someone comes up who has not done anything, changes everything and takes the credit … You detest that, you can’t with the opportunists, you can’t stand that kind of injustice. And better not talk about people who change their minds every two times three. Yes, you accept everyone as it is, we know that Taurus, but bipolarity is not something you want to deal with, period. You change your work and opinion changes a lot, they change your mood towards a very dark place …

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What is it that makes your blood boil in seconds? What else can make you lose Gemini papers? Let them shut you up. May they demand silence. That they put your hand in your mouth and stop you, it is something that really feels worse than bad, it seems even disrespectful to you … The bad feeling takes hold of you when you run into someone who is ashamed of your tone of voice or your stories, and you know Gemini. People without a sense of humor and extremely puritanical and boring, it’s like a good headache for you. You don’t want them even in paint …

You also hate VERY bad getting / every time there is a super fun plan to go out with your friends. Damn stomachaches or legs, because it seems they always smell when you want to go out and have a really good time …

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Cancer, you have the damn fame of being a mini devil who always hates someone, but what they say to what it really is … Obviously, it’s true Cancer, you have an extensive mini list of things, people and situations that you hate madly. Here is a small summary, because there is not enough paper to capture everything. Let’s start with people who don’t know how to laugh at themselves. Those who take everything very hard. Those who have no sense of humor and with which you can not go anywhere, because everything bothers them or they do not like …

Crab, you have a certain hatred for those people without blood in their veins, really, how bitter people are … And we better not talk about people who give a damn about the feelings of others … That, together with the hate you feel for losing material things every two by three. You don’t lose your head because you have it stuck, if not … Cancer is a world apart.

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Leo, you hate people who take advantage of others. To people who don’t move their asses at all, but then pretend they’ve done everything … You can’t do with those injustices. You have fatal to have to accept that kind of heartless vultures because you know perfectly what hard work is and see that there are people who take advantage of the strength of others, you hate a lot …

There are also the damn jealousies that create you for free and for no reason. This is a lion, you hate your partners, crushes or whatever makes you jealous to damn for a while, for no reason … Leo, you take your relationships very seriously and you don’t like to play with your heart. And we better not talk about the fact that he feels like a ghost in someone else’s life. That feeling you hate madly because you hate to go unnoticed. You can’t with it.

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Virgo, disorganization, and work (for whatever) badly done make your bad mood go up and up and the bad roll stays for a good time. You can’t do things that are done very quickly and badly. You hate very much to see how something that could be well done, is damn chaos because of the disorganization of others, for ignoring you, for not taking your advice …

You can’t with the creative little heads that change their minds more than underwear and you know Virgo. And if we add irresponsible people to that, we better stop, because your anger can reach the point of exploding … Like when you call someone and the call does not return. Like when you meet someone and you arrive an hour and a half later, with an excuse of damn and with better clothes than yours … You hate all that, but it doesn’t affect you too much either. It’s true.

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Libra, in your case everything is simpler and simpler. In general, you are not a person who has a lot of hate and you know it. Hate, what is said to hate, does not go much with you because you are a lot of light for all that damn. You madly detest every human person, not human, situation or inconvenience that may alter your peace of mind. That’s right, the balance for you is everything and without it, bad … The stress, stress, and anger that is born for all this, of course, that they become the protagonists of the story because seeing you in mode “I charge to anyone ”is to think twice, because you can get scared of fear and you know it…

Bad people of birth and rude, of course, are your biggest headache Libra. You hate it madly. That, and the poor hygiene or extreme dirt of places that frequent …

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Scorpio, what your heart hates, hates, disgusts and even rejects with madness, is cold, calculating and toxic. Do you know what it is? THE LIE. So is. You prefer a person with his damn character and his things, but transparent and sincere, to a super good first person, very clean and very perfect, but with his hypocrisy in the back … You can not with that kind of person. And better not talk about the damn hipsters, which are negative for life and do not bring anything good and productive to the world.

Seriously, it pays you a lot to see how there are people who cry before working.   And so, as a last point of interest, here is one last thing that makes you very nervous: the body diet. That’s right, body abstinence. Wanting and not being able to Scorpio, it pisses you off so much… Luckily you always end up finding a solution to everything that bothers you, right?

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Sagittarius, look how difficult it is for you to hate something in particular, right? More than anything because you always go to your roll and you have a thousand stories to do, but you don’t lose yourself. Openly admit that you madly hate excessively sticky people. That’s right, and see that you love more than anything, but very prepared demonstrations even lead you to disgust …

You do the natural thing, the kisses that go out alone, the spontaneity and that THE AIR RUNS A LITTLE. That of being all day smelling lips, eating saliva and hand in hand without stopping, does not go much with you … And if we talk about people who demand punctuality, who treat you as if you were their child and who take the luxury of scold you every two for three, bad … Those kinds of people are possibly the people who make your dark side wake up from their eternal nap. And you know it Sagittarius.

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Capricorn, you hate SCAMS. And with scams, we mean the dirty game of a helping hand. People who ask for money every two to three to use it on things that are illegal or harmful. The lies that are born from the mouth of a relative so that supposedly “your truth does not hurt” You can not with that kind of thing.

You really like honest people, who are upfront, honest and trustworthy. The one that tells you things as they are because a friend does not lie to another friend to help. THE TRUTH is what counts. And if we talk about the horror that people who think they are always right are giving you, we better stop, because it looks like you are stubborn sometimes Capricorn, but even you have logic and you accept when you are or are not right…. But well, for those people, the best antidote to make them disappear is you. And you know

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Aquarius, you have very, very bad limitations and you know it. You have many differences with the people who recriminate your lifestyle and rebellion every two times three. You don’t want to say that you hate them, because that seems very dark to you, but they are very moral and you know it…

Enduring society in excess, it may be worth it, but being obliged in a place with very loud or basic people, you hate it so much Aquarius … It’s obvious, people like you, but only for a while and period. Too much rubbing with people who do not enter your select club of “people you like” can get tired and you know it. Hi? We are not wanting to say that you don’t like anyone, because there are a lot of people you like, but for a while alone. And that’s it Endpoint A lot of time in society making a face of “I want to leave here” in the background causes you even a bad mood Aquarius … You hate appearances. Decided.

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Pisces, you madly detest extreme noise situations. The crowded streets of people who are not careful if they step on or not, if they elbow, kick … You can not with such overwhelming situations, it is as if they will not let you swim in peace and go to your roll …   Nor can you with people who question your lifestyle every two by three. Those who criticize you for crying, for dramatizing, for being you in a pure state and not being carried away by the current …

You hate, hate and disgust people who want to make you feel bad for being different from others. You know that they use that weakness of yours to harm you and that makes you lose faith in the human being so many times Pisces … Seriously, you hate the evil that people can have, you do not explain how there can be such a bad feeling in hearts that they would have to have love and only love.

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