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Some zodiac signs are closely linked to oriental customs and traditions. Do you think you are among them? Here are the top three in the standings

Many people have a real passion for the Orient. Looking east is a common habit among those who have particular tastes, certainly different from those typical of the Western world. Asia is a continent particularly loved by Europeans but not everyone wants to visit it. There are people who love this continent more than others.

These people belong to some specific zodiac signs . It is possible to identify at least three zodiac signs closely linked to oriental customs and traditions. This passion can arise for several reasons: those passionate about Japanese comics, those fascinated by Chinese cities or those who love the whole Asian continent without a real reason.

Today we want to reveal the ranking of the zodiac signs who love the East . Here is the podium. Do you think you are in the top three in the standings?

The zodiac signs who love the East

Pisces: in third place in the ranking we find the sign of Pisces. Those born under this sign of the zodiac have always dreamed of taking a trip to Asia, especially Japan, possibly with someone to share this desire . This sign easily becomes passionate about everything related to the Asian continent and studies a lot of the habits of these people.

Aries: in second place is Aries. The dream in the drawer of this zodiac sign is to move to Asia for work, even if it is not one of the signs most linked to his professional life . Aries would like to move to the East to experience a new world. His curiosity would lead him to give up everything and leave immediately if it were possible.

Taurus: the primacy undoubtedly belongs to the sign of Taurus. People born under this sign of the zodiac are passionate about manga and anime and are very attached to oriental culture, especially Japanese. The Taurus is often a nerd and the connection with the land of the Rising Sun is inevitable. This sign has a great hunger for knowledge and loves to discover different cultures.

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