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15 Zodiac Signs Combos That Are Relationship Goals & 5 That Are Total Flops

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Aries & Leo: “Deep Connection”

Even though Aries and Leos are both fire signs, they’re love for one another and the deep connection between the two fire signs, is something that could never be burned.

According to dazzling.news, both signs are known to have a fiery passion when it comes to their emotions, as well as similar values. Just watch out, both signs are known to find themselves sooner or later in some very heated fights, which can lead to some awful swearing and name calling. In the end, though, they never take the fights seriously and will move on quickly.

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Virgo & Taurus: “Secured And Valued”

Those born under the Virgo and Taurus sign are also born under the Earth element sign. Which makes couples born under these stars so grounded and calm and all-around natural nurturers. It will not be all rainbows and unicorns, though. Unfortunately, the Taurus side will find that they have to work harder in the relationship, according to dazzling.news.

Meanwhile, Virgo need a slow and steady partner, which is where Taurus comes into place. They fill in for what Virgo needs as a life partner. Other than that, both seem to strive for both security and value in relationship, something they can only find with each other.

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Cancer & Pisces: “Too Perfect To Be True”

A relationship between a Cancer and Pisces is a relationship that some would say is so perfect, it is too good to be true. It is true though. These two water signs are made for each other. They are both so naturally balanced that it brings perfect harmony into their relationship. There are some things that need to be watched though, just like in any relationship.

For example, according to dazzle.news, Cancers need to be careful about how much they demand from their Pisces partner. Pisces can feel suffocated very easily. It is best to not demand so much love and attention from them.

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Leo & Sagittarius: “Strong And Trusting”

Like Leo and Aries, a Leo and a Sagittarius are two signs that tend to jump in all hot and heavy into a relationship. Their passion for one another is something that one might read in a romance novel. They have such a strong connection that makes their relationship light up like a summer fire, which also makes for a fiery connection in the bedroom.

According to dazzle.news, there is a very strong trusting bond between the two, but they are known to have some issues down the road. Thanks to how fickle a Sagittarius can be, it is common for a person born under the Sagittarius sign to fall out of love as quickly as they fell into it.

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Libra & Gemini: “Unbreakable Trust”

This relationship combo is a touchy one. Libra and Geminis are one of the best couples, but at the same time, it is possible for these two air signs to have their problems, which may result in them not being a perfect match at times.

According to dazzle.news, if a Libra can give a Gemini the room and independence he or she needs, then it can be a match-made in heaven. Libras are confident though and sometimes they can push the boundaries a little too much. The trust between these two signs can be unbreakable, making the emotional understanding between the two the strongest.


Taurus & Capricorn: “Stable And Long-Lasting

When it comes to being in a relationship, Capricorns tend to be less open in the beginning of a relationship then a Taurus, according to dazzle.news. After some time though, these two Earth signs are known to have a very stable, and long-lasting relationship.

Those born under the Capricorn star are known to be hard working people and love to set their mind on something and never give up. Because of these traits, Capricorns are known to work out any hardships in their relationships that may come up.

Taurus on the other hand, are drawn to Capricorns due to their artistic nature. Once those walls drop, their connection will grow deeper, and their bond will be unbreakable.

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Scorpio & Cancer: “Love At First Sight”

These two water signs are known to have love at first sight, according to dazzle.news. The chemistry between a Scorpio and a Cancer is so magnetic that is makes other signs envious. They both tend to want to strive for stability in not only their lives, but also in their relationships, which is why they are perfect for each other.

There is also amazing chemistry in the bedroom department. Both signs bring a little something into the bedroom that makes their time together even more pleasurable. Cancers are known to be romantic, while Scorpios are known for their passion, which makes for great sparks in their alone time.

Aries & Aquarius: “Fire Needs Air To Burn

Unlike all the other astro relationship combos, Aries and Aquarius do not share the same element. With Aries being a fire sign and Aquarius being an air sign, it is hard to believe that these two are compatible, but like fire in real life, it needs air to hep it burn.

Both signs are known to have an independent nature, which helps them both to understand each other even more, according to dazzle.news. They both know that they don’t need each other to survive, which is what they like most about their relationship. Add that to their sense of humors and their tendency to have optimistic views about their lives and relationship, and they are #relationshipgoals.

Pisces & Scorpio: “They Just Flow Together”

When it comes to emotional connections, Pisces and Scorpios are two water signs that have theirs down to a tee. Pisces are known to have the best understanding of their Scorpio partner out of all the other astro relationship combos.

Once the walls are let down between one another and their love starts to flow freely, the conversations these two signs will have will flow easier than the element signs they represent. Well, as long as the Scorpio doesn’t obsess over how sensitive and flighty their Pisces partner can become, according to dazzle.news.

Libra & Aries: “Opposites Attrac

Aries and Libras are complete opposites one could say. Aries, which is a fire sign, is known for being temperamental, while Libra, which is an air sign, is known to be harmonious. It is these traits that help them to have a balanced relationship together. One partner helps the other partner cope with their opposite characteristics.

There are bound to be issues though, so don’t get too relaxed. Libras do tend to tire of an Aries partner always wanting to take the lead on things. Conflict is sure to arise now and again between the two.

Taurus And Scorpio: “Compassionate, Bring Out The Best In Each Other”

These two combinations will have it rough at times, but through hardships, they will persevere and become stronger. Scorpios, who are water signs, are known to bring out the best in a Taurus, who is an Earth sign. They are driven by nothing but compassion for their Taurus mate, which in turn gives them the feeling of security.

There are times when conflicts will arise, though. From time to time, the Taurus in the relationship will tire of a Scorpio’s introspection, leading to some issues in the relationship. If the relationship is balanced, though, the couple should be able to work out their issues and get right back on track.

Sagittarius and Gemini: “Carefree, Fun, Loving”

A Sagittarius, who is a fire sign, and a Gemini, who is an air sign, are two matches that are perfect for each other. Any task, be it mental or physical, a Gemini and a Sagittarius will be matched with and they will do all tasks with a fun and harmonious attitude.

If both signs can come to an agreement and master their need for change and adventure, their relationship will strive and prosper. Otherwise, their carefree ways can do harm to their relationship, their lives, and their financial budgets. Ending in disaster for the two.

Cancer And Capricorn: “Shy, Ambitious,”

Both these signs are known to go through many failed relationships in their lives before finally finding each other. Once they finally meet though, life will become better for both. It is common for both signs to be shy at first, but as time passes, they will break out of their shells and work on achieving both signs goals they have set in life.

The only thing a Cancer, a water sign, and Capricorn, an Earth signs, must worry about is monotony. These two signs have a habit of getting too comfortable while in a relationship with each other, but not in a fun way. Both are ambitious signs, and both like to involve themselves in their own lives and work so much, that they forget to be with their partners. No matter the goal, work, or task, it is best that a couple always put time aside for one another.

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Aquarius And Leo: “Deep Attractions, Understanding Of One Anoth

Aquarius, who is an air sign, and Leo, who is a fire sign, are two signs who are complete opposites. Like a Libra and an Aries, opposites attract. These two signs are known to have a deep attraction for one another with few conflicts due to their opposite characteristics. Both Aquarius and Leos understand each other’s flaws and assets, share the same ideals, and can create a wholesome relationship while attaining each other’s many different goals. No relationship is perfect though. There are bound to be a problem now and again. Leos tend to want control over everything, something that an Aquarius, though a lot of the time shy, won’t give in to so easily.

Virgo And Pisces: “Protective, Caring, Gives Each Other Shape”

Another set of opposites, Virgos, an Earth sign, and Pisces, a water sign, are one couple that help make up for one another’s flaws. Pisces are known to be a gentle type of people. So much so that while in a relationship with a Virgo, their partner might see them as needing protection and become to0 overprotective. This is untrue, though. Pisces are gentle, but they are not weak. In fact, they are known to be the strongest emotionally out of all the other signs.

It is because of their elements, though, that this can happen. Without the Earth, water can get out of control and start running everywhere. The Earth confines the water and gives it shape in forms of lakes, rivers and oceans.

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Libra And Virgo: “Don’t Enjoy One Another’s Company”

When it comes to goal and priorities, these two signs have a hard time working together to accomplish anything. When it comes to work, these two signs can work together in harmony, but when it comes to outside the work place, they seem to buttheads about everything.

Virgos, who are an Earth sign, are known to have an analytical and critical attitude toward everything, while Libras, who are an air sign, are known to be easy-going and light-hearted. Due to Libra’s traits and characteristics, Virgos can become irritated quickly, making these two signs not a good match.

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Scorpio And Aries: “Jealous And Flirty Don’t Mix”

One thing a Scorpio hates the most is being pushed around and taking orders, which is why being in a relationship with an Aries, someone who loves to give demands, is a bad idea. Both these signs love to strive for a higher position in life and when in a relationship together, will fight constantly over who gets control of the situation.

Scorpios, who are a water sign, and an Aries, who is a fire sign, are complete opposites that may start out good when it comes to bedroom antics but will sizzle out faster than it started. Aries are known to be flirtatious, while Scorpios tend to have more of a jealous nature, which can lead to a lot of distrust. Like their element signs, water and fire just can’t co-exist together.

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Sagittarius and Taurus: “Earth Snuffs Fire”

Taurus, who are born under the earth sign, are known to be possessive people, jealous lovers, and constantly demanding from other people, while Sagittarius, who are born under the fire sign, is known to be fighters for freedom. Basically, a Sagittarius is one who calls for change, while a Taurus is one who negates it.

Taurus are known to be notorious for an obstinate nature, while Scorpios are known for having a temper and even occasions of deep brooding. The combo of these traits can lead to some heavy arguments that won’t go anywhere in the end, which in turn can result in long periods of silence and resentment. After a time, the resentment can build up and become more serious for a Scorpio, while the Taurus in the relationship, with all his or her stubbornness, will continue to bring up the same issue in conversations in a want to make his or her point.

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Aquarius And Cancer: “One Wants Adventure, Other Wants To Stay Home”

These two signs are a lot different in nature. Aquarius, an air signs, is known to be a lot more adventurous in their lives, while Cancers, a water sign, are more home buddies than anything. If paired into a relationship, these two will find that they will get bored of their opposite partner very quickly.

It is common for an Aries to sweep up a Cancer into a relationship without even thinking about all the differences, due to their natural tendency to pursue what they want. But most relationships fail faster than they start because the couple doesn’t take the time to get to know each other before taking things to a serious level.

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Pisces And Leo” “One’s Arrogant, And The Other Is Too Humble”

When it comes to a Pisces, a water sign, and a Leo, a fire sign, being in a relationship, Leos are known to be more of a follower rather than a partner in the relationship. These two signs together in a working environment can be harmonious, but put them together as a couple and everything goes down the shoot when it comes to achieving one’s personal desires and goals.

Leos are more socially outgoing, while Pisces are shyer and tend to not like to go out as much. After a while, the two will start to clash. One being more sensitive, humble, and emotional, while the other is more pushy, arrogant, and domineering.

Money is another issue this couple may have to worry about. While one likes to spend and have a good time, the other is more invested and would rather save.

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