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This Is Your Ideal Birth Order, According To Your Zodiac Sign

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Nothing screams the eldest kid like an Aries. Because let’s face it, if they were an only child, these signs would get bored fast. And if they were the youngest, you and I both know a power struggle would be a regular thing in the family. Being in the middle would suit them too, as they would have the younger siblings to dominate. But secretly, they’d still wish they were born first.

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Though the only child life could best suit Taurus, being the eldest or the youngest amongst their siblings might work as well—but that’s if Taurus has enough appreciation for their siblings’ strengths to lead or listen. This earth sign craves stability and order. So, if they have an older sibling that knows how to lead, they’d have no problem giving them the upper hand.

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Geminis would do best as a middle child. They’re too free-spirited to want to be the eldest or the youngest. They’d feel trapped if they had to take on all the responsibilities of the eldest sibling and a little too smothered if they were the youngest. Though being an only child could suit them too, it would be a matter of time until these air signs started to feel lonely. Being in the middle would give them unlimited access to company and freedom to live as they please.

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Cancer is the perfect youngest child. They hate taking the lead and making all the decisions. They love it when all the care and attention are on them. When these signs are the youngest, there is a lot of peace and harmony within the family. Cancers are nurturers, so being the youngest allows them to tap into their natural element of care and compassion for the rest of their siblings.

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Leos make great eldest kids. They are natural-born leaders and are very protective over who they look after, but only when it’s not affecting their social life. These fire signs might have a love-hate relationship as the eldest. With all the babysitting they’d have to do, they wouldn’t be able to see their friends as much. But you can forget these signs being comfortable in the middle or the youngest. They dislike being ignored or thought of as the baby.

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Virgos are great eldest kids, as these signs have that innate ability to help. So, being in the middle could be a fit for them too, but like a Taurus, their ideal older sibling comes with conditions. Being the youngest wouldn’t suit these signs, as their energy naturally screams “older sibling.” So, being an only child could be where they’re most comfortable. These earth signs need their alone time. They don’t like drama and want things in order at all times.

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As much as indecision hinders the eldest sibling, Libra’s fight for fairness and their ability to be diplomatic works for them. They’d be able to diffuse arguments swiftly and bring moral order to themselves and their siblings. Being in the middle could also work for them. But as much as they love their freedom, they thrive off their close connections and relationships more. But Libra being the only child would make them the most uncomfortable. They’d have no one to talk to or get advice from.

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Scorpios do great as the eldest in the family. With their innate intensity and drive, they can be responsible enough to care for their siblings properly, but they’d also be okay as the youngest, too. As a water sign, they crave that emotional support and thrive off of the never-ending affection the youngest kid usually has. Being in the middle or being the only child wouldn’t be as ideal for these signs. They’d feel neglected as the middle child and lonely as the only one.

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Sagittarius actually wouldn’t be very comfortable as the oldest child. This fire sign is different from Aries and Leo, as they seek leadership. These signs have a high distaste for routine and responsibility, so surprisingly, they wouldn’t mind being the middle or the youngest child, as it would give them more freedom to do what they want.

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Capricorns would do great as the eldest. They know how to maintain order and can take care of their siblings. But there’s nothing like the only child life that makes this earth sign thrive. Like the rest of its earthly constituents, Capricorns don’t like dealing with drama and highly dislike it when people don’t listen to them. As the only child, their days would have constant peace, solitude, and structure.

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Aquarius could be a great eldest or only child, but they are perfect middle kids. As they march to the beat of their drum, being in the middle gives these air signs the freedom to be who they want without being the responsible one. Like Gemini, being in the middle would grant them the privilege of always having someone to talk to.

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Being the youngest makes any Pisces a happy camper. As the rest of us would feel smothered and a bit stuck in this position, this water sign thinks it’s absolute paradise. Like the pure soul they are, these fish like to be taken care of. They like being spoiled and don’t mind being the emotional backbone of the family.

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